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Absolute of the Universe of Light. Author Irina Amant-din.

In the universe of light, there are many conventions. People face problems related to improvement. There are many ways leading to harmony and ideal. There are no problems and recommendations, so people seem to be unable to achieve perfection. White and black, darkness and light, death and life are the motor of the motion of the universe. Imperfection is everywhere. In the so-called «darkness» there are many conventions, sometimes bordering on insanity. Visions of the world of darkness are associated with pictures of the decomposition of living matter. Our universe is not perfect, just as the human mind is not perfect. Hence the claims of people to God the Creator. There are many questions and disagreement with his will. The human mind is loaded with forms, their combination. The acquisition of material forms is associated with a large number of conventions. Ideality, symmetry, harmony, perfection is not only beauty, but also simplicity, purity and clarity. The human brain is constantly loaded with background information — it is the result of a defect, perhaps even a cosmic virus, or the result of the original sin of Adam and Eve. It is necessary to consciously correspond to the Absolute of Light. In an unbalanced consciousness, there are only ways of reaching and approaching, but not the Absolute itself. Movement of the mind brings variety, food of light, biopotential. It seems to other people that the Absolute is unattainable. The mass of conventions, or conditional mass, affects the philosophy and worldview of people. He who sees a coincidence with the vibration of God, he learns at these moments, which led him to the Absolute. However, you can reach it in a short way, not remembering the access roads. One coincidence with the Absolute, like simplicity and clarity, does not imply moving forward, or moving backwards. 100% confidence, faith. But the human mind can not contain the divine Ocean, so the person puts himself in a box of conventions. He sits in the Möbius Loop, in the Loop of Light, within time and space. To get rid of the Mobius Loop, you need to make sure that the mind is quiet. In simplicity and silence — eternity. The more noisy the human mind, the more dynamic and noisier the civilization of people, in general. Civilization of people is loaded with conventions and the acquisition of forms. Dynamics grows, fuel increases, interdependence intensifies. «Value in wood» When the «fuel» is burned, you see that life is short, and there is no sense. Sense did not have time to form. The biological body wears out. Consciousness drives the biological body, in a rapid rhythm. Illusory, short life. The world consciousness is woven, like a web. Man strives for logic and order, seeks ways to approach the Absolute. The architect is a quantum sensor, Awakened, is building without a drawing. All that is necessary for building, He has, so He does not call for helpers, does not collect materials, does not waste time. He finds the ingredients in himself, and considers himself an ally of God. In order not to be ill, one must take a true medicine, and not a conditional approximation to healing. The energy E sin (syn) is a dynamic rest. Accumulation of energy to create optimal, perfect forms. Human energy must be synchronized with its potential. People are different: from here there is a shortage, then a search. Human values, require distortion of the truth, artificially improve the picture of what is happening. The true state of things remains beyond understanding. Under such conditions and circumstances, a person can not say exactly: he is happy or not. He sees a chain of conditional fragments of virtual approximation to the ideal, no more. Absolute victory does not happen, in the universe of light. But this does not mean that there is no ideality at all. It is in another universe. The universe of Light can be remade. This is the responsibility of the Architect of the Blue Universe. The blue universe is many times larger than the universe of light. There is harmony and order. In the Blue Universe, always, in all situations, the solution coincides with the energy of the Absolute of the ideal universe.


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