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God is the Absolute for everyone. Author Irina Amant-din.


It’s no secret that the mind is set to positive. Scientists say that, in an effort to get positive information, people often lie to themselves. Reaching the Absolute of consciousness, a person rests in the limits of his brain. On the other hand, when a person reads the mantra, the «Glory to God» prayer, hears the response glory «Everything will be fine, my children», and everything is really good in his life, then the Channel is clean. Sometimes people are not ready to hear the truth. Such people call for the help of the God of the Absolute, but at the same time they hear their truth, resting on their personal mental limits. Yes, this is their Absolute. But we are looking for an impartial, honest Source! God preserves life. Those who go mad after hearing the truth, God does not say anything. But a person does not agree with this, so he comes up with answers for God and gives out for true information. There are many such prophets now. If we want to evolve, then we need Truth, not comforting words. False prophets do not teach, do not open their eyes to people, but only stroked the head and comforted. Such prophets are loved by people. They are comfortable. God the Absolute does save life. The law of self-preservation makes people lie to themselves. I went for this childish threshold of self-consolation. I found the evolutionary, mobile Channel of the Absolute of God. The Infinite Source. What does it mean? If a person is not ready, then his brain will tell him some words of consolation, so that the cells of the neurons do not perish. Cells — brain neurons — is a protein. If the information of high voltage and millivolts are high, then the protein will be welded, the cell will be destroyed. kosmogens are protected from such a process. Therefore, the Fiery man who has transformed, strives for absolute truth and is able to accept the Truth. It’s not even a man, but the Voice of the Monad. For others, not prepared, their God dictates his sugar messages. Another aspect of entering the Absolute of God is the possibilities of the nano universe of man. It is necessary to leave behind your mind and its tricks, for your childhood and self-consolation, for lying. Stay alone with God the Absolute. In such a dialogue, God will speak of you, since you have already come to him. You give yourself completely to him and dissolve in it. The prepared Prophet withstands the tension and power of the Divine Fire.There comes the moment of Truth and God says: «The truth will cure the souls of all those who doubt. Tell them that the truth will satiate the mind. Lying makes people look again and again for the source. Drinking from sources where there is no truth, a person does not get drunk. The truth frightens, therefore I give it on crumbs. And to someone who is not ready, I do not say anything. Lies find their way in the mind, and false talk is heard everywhere, followed by a crowd of those who are self-reliant, but do not work on themselves. I am the Truth. Endure the pain — for the benefit of wisdom. Becoming wise, do not betray the path of Truth. Knowing your mistakes, do not look for comforters, correct mistakes. Open the soul. Do not hide behind the mind. » Prophets receive the messages of God. I, as a clinical psychologist, understood the way of thinking. It consists in the fact that we must go for our own fear, for our own lies and for our Every man for himself must become the savior of himself. The full discovery of the Soul, without fear and without lies. If you believe, then entrust your life to God. Then you will be free from dependence, and you will rise on the realized way of spiritual development. Contacts and Epistles of God will allow you to stay at a time, in different worlds, to live the life of the universe, to perform divine work, with full responsibility. The universal program of the God of the Absolute.

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