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4 Systems.»The Universe of Angels». Author Amant-din.

In the messages of the Higher Civilization, it is said about the birth of a new race of people. People who have super abilities (clairvoyance, synaesthesia, telepathy, telekinesis) are consciously in contact with the Higher Civilizations and with the Ascended teachers. These people are Awakened. Awakened person, knows exactly and fulfills his task. He sees with his inner vision, he feels the essence of objects and phenomena, perceives the world in all its hidden aspects. Awakened, sometimes called Crohn, translation: The tops of the trees of the kingdom of God. The analogue of God is Chronos. They are also called fire. In the Awakened, the cosmogen cell is activated, from the higher Being, the angel, or the alien higher race. Cosmogen helps to remember the universal task that God has entrusted, or the 4 Systems are the Creators of mankind. The higher civilizations revealed their technologies, way of life, way of life and philosophy. Teachers of higher civilizations sent information to Earth — the energy of «awakening.»Four systems took part in the experiment called «Reflected Life.» They contributed to the birth of the planet Earth. The cold and dead planet turned into a blooming garden. Four systems were working on recreating similar intelligent beings. Each of the systems introduced into the structure of a person, into his organism, a particle of his conquests. Four Systems participated in an experiment to revitalize the Earth.Inhabited planets of the Blue System: Ramga, Zugran, Gurfaks.The inhabited planets of the White System: Mantyl, Obiyon.The inhabited planet of the Möbius System: Raúdu.Plasma worlds of the Fiery System. Fiery angels.The systems have developed a joint plan for the implementation of the program for settling the Earth by living organisms. The fire system carried out a reaction called «Mirror» or «Reflected non-existence». The Worlds of Fire created plasma mirrors around the Earth. Lifeless darkness annihilated. Energy has gone into the bowels of the earth, into the Core of the Earth. The earth began to heat up. There was an atmosphere, volcanoes came to life. Then the Blue System and the White System cooled and cleaned the Earth’s space from chemical reaction waste. Restored the temperature balance and sowed the first bacteria. The planet began to come alive.    The Moebius system was originally responsible for the biological Mind. The first reasonable people were bisexual. People knew that they were born of the One Mother. Later, the Moebius System planted the virus to a two-unit human cell. The cell began to divide. Bisexual people are divided into a man and a woman. Mobius is a very developed civilization. She is fluent in technology. For example: techno sense, biological reason, plant, flint, plasma and others. Mobius processes giant information. Creates chips, distributes viruses, creates bases on the Moon. The civilization of the Möbius System is looking for additional space to preserve its obsolete programs. Initially, the Mobius System participated in the Systems experiment, it was the fourth. At some point, there was a split between the Systems. White, Blue and Fiery rejected the aggressive policy of Raúdu. There was a split in the world. The army of Rau-do spread its power on Earth. Rau-do, robots of the Mobius System, used the energy of people, and the consciousness of people, as containers to preserve their information. Mobius’s mind controls the human race. The Triple Community is displeased. Today, a new era is coming, when an enlightened, awakened person resists evil. The Mobius system must repent and return to the Brotherhood of the Four Systems. The Primordial Creator is the quaternary.The Moebius system has developed the structure of the human brain. The Möbius loop. A person’s life revolves around the Loop of Mobius. In total, there were 665 attempts to create a person. People were originally endowed with the ability to telepathically communicate with the Higher Civilizations.

Unfortunately, the terrestrial conditions of existence have changed. The human brain has changed. Magnetism of the Earth negatively affected, and promoted mutational processes in the mind of man. Earthly vibrations destroyed the thin connecting threads with the Cosmic Parents. The formula of divine energy was lost. Matrix of life. The evolution of man proceeded very slowly. The first people were very physical. The Earth’s difficult natural conditions forced people to adapt and survive as a biological species. The creators feared that time would break the connection with the cosmos forever. With the defeat of the virus, the DNA of Adam and Eve, subsequent generations of humanity gradually deteriorated. The first people were born from one Mother and lived for two to three thousand years. After people learned to reproduce on their own, life on the Earth became shorter and shorter, and more and more diseases. People became a victim, already following the experiments of the Möbius civilization. Civilization Moebius wanted to control humanity. As a result, people forgot, lost a single divine language. For ever, the space gate was closed. People have lost neutrino corridors and opportunities to communicate with representatives of other worlds. Viruses and chips were built in to collect adrenaline and other human hormones. The only thing they could not destroy — Cosmogen. He is the only link with cosmic parents.    Three Systems found the project unsuccessful. The white system proposed to introduce into man a subtle substance, which was called the soul. This substance was eternal, but it required an energy exchange with the Creator, and therefore cycles arose: the care and arrival of the soul. Birth and death. The memory of the trip has been preserved. After mortal memory. Some people still remember the cosmic path. Civilization The Blue System, gave the person feelings and sensations — sensors. Connecting threads united man with the space house. Holistic construction of the Universe.Everything would have been fine, but complex processes have begun that entailed the imbalance of the universe. Some aggressive civilizations began to solve their problems at the expense of the Earth. For example, Mobius. There was a split in the commonwealth. The Mobius system turned into an invader and began to implement its program, not taking into account the desire of the three Systems. Now, in the universe, it’s time for change. The unity of the Universe requires the reconciliation of all territories and beings. We must forget all the mistakes and splits. Unity of gods, religions, races and Systems. The One Universe is ready for reconciliation and reconciliation.

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