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Teleportation to the Mobius System. «The Universe of Angels.» Author I. Amant-din.

Pinna used a teleporter to save her husband’s life, Marshal. She typed the Earth code, as Lena advised her. But before she dialed the code Marshal. He had already had a personal teleport for a long time. Although it was not allowed to have a teleport. Moving in space and time, required coordination with D1. Marshal was an experienced Teacher, and the situation with the leakage of information bothered him. Marshal decided to hedge and bought two teleports in the central laboratory on the planet Mantyl. He came to himself, in a room in which he, Marshal, was isolated for divulging secrets. He woke up, left the trance before Pinna had time to dial the launch code and teleport to Earth. Marshal dialed a completely different code using two teleports. He entered his codes and his wives, and set the destination — Mobius System, the planet Rau-do. Pinna did not notice the movement of his hands as he lay on the bed, as if he were dead. And the Marshal did not waste time. He dialed the code of the red Mobius System — the very womb of the enemy. The planet Rau-do met them. Red sand covered a thick layer of soil. When the sun came out, and the wind rose, the soil seemed to burn with a crimson flame. Outside, the planet looked deserted, but there was tension, a kind of hidden danger. In fact, dangerous, the planet was inside, in the bowels, where its inhabitants lived, rau-do.The ruler of the Mobius system was building up his army. All the soldiers were created by artificial means. Biorobots, techno robots and synthesized individuals. The army of virus carriers looked like hell! The ruler always remained in the shadows. Marshal and Pinna teleported to the planet Raúdu, to the Mébius System. When they woke up, their eyes did not open a vague picture. Pinna immediately realized that she was not on Earth at all. She was filled with horror. She turned to her husband.-Oh my God! I did something wrong! Forgive me, my love. The marshal interrupted her words:- Not you! I typed the Mobius code. Pinna did not understand:- What for? Why not on Earth? Why not in the Worlds of Fire?- Will explain. Do you have fuel for the fiery King Ar-Rama? Do you have ballast, which you can throw off while visiting him? You know that otherwise, we will become his captives forever. We are too clean for Ar-frames. We do not have fuel for him, there is no information that can be sold for freedom. If the king is not intrigued by anything, he will not let us go! Now about the Earth. Right before the arrest, I got into the hands of secret information about the Earth. Something serious is being prepared there. Pinn. «Apocalypse?»- Yes. Under the scenario of the end of the world. This was on the planet Gurfax in the Blue System, about two thousand years ago. You do not want to take part in this? Of course, we know how to survive. I just fear for our memory. Here we have preserved ourselves in a holistic form. When moving to Earth’s layers, after teleportation, we would turn into immature monkeys. «It’s not safe here either, love!» Do you have a plan?- Of course. We will go to the ruler Moebius. «They will not let us in there!» «They know me everywhere.» The ruler himself will propose a plan. And I use it for my own purposes. You can calmly tell him the truth.»I’ll keep my mouth shut.» Tell me,» said Pinna. «Now we need to find the entrance to the inner space of Rau-do.» Marshal and Pinn walked along the purple sand, covering their faces from the dust, trying not to breathe deeply. They walked about a hundred paces. The marshal did not find what he was looking for. They still had to go three hundred paces before Master Marshal saw the entrance. At this point the air was shaking. Looking closer, they saw in space, a denser layer — these are the doors to the underworld. Entrance in the middle of the desert. The Marshal said: «Here’s the entrance!»They entered the transparent gate and were transported to the inner world of the planet Rau-do. It was dark in it. At first, the travelers thought that they would never see the light. But soon the travelers saw a completely different picture of the life of Raúdu. Using the energy of the core of the planet, robots rau-do, mastered the territory very successfully. There was plenty of light. Lighting, sometimes even, was like an external light. Life boiled here. The cars were noisy, robots were moving, signs were burning, written in their language. Marshal read: «The best dressing in the ear!», «We will provide long work without fuel!», «Only with us!». Pinna held the Marshal’s hand, keeping one step closer to him. They walked around the city, studying his character and life. Pinnah asked: — Do they have a common dwelling, or does each have their own?- Differently. Obsolete robots live in barracks, all together. Robots of the new generation are divided into pairs, threes, and live separately. Over organisms have an individual housing.- And where to get to us? Where will we live? Suddenly, a cry was heard behind the back, with a specific clicking sound. Marshal translated their language: «These are people! No! These are mantilians! Grab them! «He reassured his wife:» Do not resist. Everything goes well. We will be led to the Ruler. » They were seized by robots, put in a vehicle for movement. The device was more like a messy, iron bars. Marshal and Pinna, by some miracle, flew low over the ground.

After a while, the eyes of the travelers opened a beautiful palace, with columns and arches. But, the closer we approached the palace, the more clearly the stylized figure showed itself. The palace was not real. They flew into the archway. Here stood a huge fragment of a meteorite, stuck deep into the soil. The top of it jutted upwards, where it was lost in the darkness. Meteorite adapted for the building. You could see the windows, and the steps, carved into the stone. Travelers and accompanying robots climbed them. The iron door automatically opened like a ship hatch. Have entered. The servant led everyone to the hall. There was a lot of things here! Perhaps there was only one thing — taste. The ruler collected many items from different civilizations of the past and present. Items of consumption of earthlings were combined with objects of everyday life of the Mantilians. Here were: lamps, watches, paintings, musical instruments, obsolete computers of mantillas, herbariums, chests and glass boxes, with dried fruits growing on Ramga. Above the ceiling hung a transparent ball, in which the fiery essence, the salamander, fought. Fiery salamander, vainly tried to jump out. The solid shell of the ball did not let her go. Before the visitors opened a virtual screen, and everyone saw Ruler Mobius. He looked like an ordinary man, an Earthman. Marshal and Pinna guessed that the main form, the Ruler will not show them. But they did not give a look. The governor asked on the Mantilian:»What do you owe?»»We escaped,» answered the Marshal.- The reason?- Isolation for the disclosure of information.- Very good! Why me? «The Ruler asked.Marshal looked friendly:- It happened. But we do not regret.»How long are you planning to stay here?»- Until your and our patience runs out.- Very good! I will not support you, I will not. To serve agree? asked the Ruler.The Marshal specified:- To cooperate sooner.- You can cooperate. Do I know you. You are the Marshal. They served in the sixth department of the Embryonarium. You yourself with Ramga, but worked on the Mantilla. How’s D1 doing? «- Mubius Governor grinned.»I have not seen him for a long time.» I was on death row.- Very good! The ruler did not seem to know other words, he repeated the same thing.- Very good! I will give orders that you will be placed in my castle. To go out, without my consent, is forbidden! In the rooms in which you will be, too, no one will enter, except the servant, if you call him. Spend your guests! The Ruler turned to the servant. The servant led Pinnu and Marshal to their rooms. The robots came out into another compartment, a corridor, and behind them the grille pushed back.The governor reflected on how to deal with uninvited guests. Marshal and Pinna are too important figures, requiring attention. The ruler believed that with a skilful approach, you can achieve a lot from them. For example: learn the secret of the seventh element! Despite the Treaty of the members of the Community, in which it was forbidden to plant viruses on the creatures of the four systems, Moebius used the most non-humane methods to achieve his goals. He got the benefits anyway.Marshal did not rest. He was thinking hard: about how he would survive in the aggressive environment of the Red Planet, when he would finally have the opportunity to return to Mantyl. Did D1 understand that there was no disclosure of the secret? Or he, Marshal, is still a fugitive. Pinna, as was supposed to be a loving wife, waited patiently. The marshal saw that the room provided to them for habitation was literally swarming with all sorts of devices. The slightest wrong movement, and «dominance» invaded the body. The marshal made a sign to his wife, but Pinna did not need it. She herself was perfectly oriented. The travelers sat «petrified,» trying not to attract attention. Games with the Ruler were of little interest to the Marshal. He was just guessing the time to make a decision. Once on the planet Rau-du, it was possible to save not only memory, but also a teleport. Unfortunately, to use it, while it was impossible. Silence broke Pinn. She whispered: «Rau-do — biorobots of the Mobius System, have one code. They have a generalizing link. If we find it, then we will comprehend the weak place of Raúdu. » Marshal understood the words literally. A snake throw, he grabbed on the fly, a chip pretending to be an insect, and tore off his head. When the «insect» stopped moving, he picked up an apple from the table — a strange fruit from the planet Earth, and hit him on the floor. The apple cracked and a caterpillar crawled out of it. Marshal poddel her appliance for food and put it on the table. In a moment, the caterpillar was also beheaded. Then, the mantillan began to study their insides. Many members of the sixth department of the Embryonaria had implanted optical devices in the area of ​​the third eye.

Marshal also had such a device. In certain cases, the instrument helped to produce micro-analyzes and worked like a microscope. Schemes of chip-robots resembled each other and had insignificant differences in the structure. Within them were sensors and vibro sensitive organs that mimicked the collective mind. Marshal was surprised: «We dream of mutual understanding of various systems and civilizations, and here, primitive organisms are connected with each other. They work without any problems. They co-exist and do their pernicious work. » He wanted to find something special, knocked out of the general design of robots — «insects.» Pinna tried to help and suggested: «They are very curious. They can «take on interest.» Viruses survived even after the destruction of the chip. They sent a signal about death and the need for reproduction. The ruler received summary information about his soldiers: on their numbers, on the growth of the energy potential of the planets of the Möbius system. Each warrior signaled victory and defeat for a certain period of time. The ruler not only maintained the balance, but also strove to strengthen his power. Therefore, his army grew. She demanded investments. The ruler dreamed of an element capable of controlling biomass. He wanted to completely abandon the technical subsidies of viruses and go to controlled biological viruses, create biological warriors. Power over form, control of growth, made his army invisible. Then Ruler Moebius, could break the agreement on non-interference in other planetary Systems. Marshal guessed about the thoughts of the Ruler. After the apocalypse, borders will open on Earth. Using the open borders with the Earth, the Ruler will be free to send earthlings, like viruses, to Gurfax, or to Mantyl. Earth «tourists» would not be different from the Mantelans. Several galaxies would have turned into dust. Mobius will become the sole ruler of the universe. The Marshal was looking for something that indicated the vulnerability of Raúdu. And he found. The loop connected the energy of the outer shell with the energy potential of the internal technical «filling». Marshal took out of the body a generalizing loop, and the shell with the «filling» came into conflict. This link was responsible for the magnetism of polar quantities, alternative elements. This same link was a sensor that transmitted information to the outside. When Marshal took it out, the shell lost control. Its temporary form has rotted right before our eyes. The «filling» of the robot could not withstand external influences. It collapsed. There was a failure, and the robot froze. Marshall discovered that the robot device is similar to the structure of the human brain. The robots do not wear out the curiosity organ, because they are trained. Substitution for a new generation of robots, the Ruler carries out himself. Mobius warriors are almost immortal. They are dangerous for people in that they pump out the life force. High-order robots «eat» exclusively by the spiritual and psychic experiences of a person. Exhaust and «suck» it. As if answering her husband’s thoughts, Pinna said: «Mankind needs an antidote. Otherwise, people can not be saved. They do not have enough energy. » The marshal nodded, in agreement: «If you switch people to another source of energy, then it will become» inedible «for rau-do. Having lost energy, the rau-do will not be able to restructure. A new program of interactions with a person is being activated. » Pinna suggested: «The simulator of adrenaline will help? Awakened, neo people, already communicate with each other without strong emotions, and without any acute sensations. The second phase of the transformation of mankind is to communicate openly, without a «double mind». It is necessary to clear the subconscious mind so that they communicate openly. The light can stream. Man is the Guide of Light. Now, you destroyed two specific insects. But what about the army of insects? You still do not have an antidote. For now, they do not touch us. But for now! «The Marshal continued to seek a solution. He caught another robot-an «insect», planted it under a glass and began to analyze aloud: «We do not have adrenaline. We come from the planet of Ramga. Our consciousness is open. We never deceive. Nevertheless, viruses are dangerous for us. Thank God that viruses are not only biological. We found their synthetic part, the technical part. You need to disable the equipment! The organic part will perish itself. «Pinna intervened:» Bio feeds techno, and techno brings adrenaline, food to the insect. Most of the adrenaline, the insect surrenders to the Ruler, in its energy reservoir. Much of it is consumed by robots themselves. This is their food. Kill the bio, destroy everything else. It is necessary to create a conflict of insect programs, without destroying its separate parts. For example: the signal of «hunger», when the robots ate. And vice versa: the signal is «full» when the robots are hungry. A panic will begin. Chaos will destroy the robot program. «Marshal agreed: «Once the fire god Ar-rama said that the best way to get rid of the enemy is to» fry «it with a lot of energy, that is — to stimulate.» Marshal reoriented the program, he swapped the sensors, showing the amount of adrenaline. Now that the virus was saturated, his sensor showed that he was hungry. The rest of the work was completed by the robots themselves. Pinna and Marshall released a number of reprogrammed insects and waited.

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