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Dream of the universe of Light. From the book «The Universe of Angels». Author I. Nazarova (Amant-din).

The universe of Light dreamed a dream that the Blue Universe swallowed it. The universe of Light had its attachments. Pets are those carriers of life, which she especially protected. The whole realm of life was dear to her. However, special beings deserve a special relationship. They are more expensive. And these lives disappeared from the field of view of the universe, because they were taken to themselves, the Blue Universe. The blue universe was several times larger than the universe of light. The universe of light was looking for its representatives, planets and systems, but found no one. And so, when her search, in the desert of life, exhausted itself, the universe saw a small island of memory. Several planets have survived on the island. They were definitely from different Systems. Their orbits were not balanced. You can say that the planet brought there, «the wind of change.» The Universe of Light wanted to find out if the lives on the planets were preserved, and therefore sent its eye (eye) to them. The first planet is Earth. She had life on her, but in a frozen state. As if the film was stopped. The planet is used to living according to the laws of time and space. Other parameters would kill her. A certain force stopped the death of the planet, in a minute.

Perhaps — the Earth was defending itself. She stopped her time. The earth fell into a trance and fell asleep to stay alive. So the planet created for itself a sarcophagus, in which it moved to another space and time. The earth hovered in hyperspace. Independently, she could not. The earth was dormant. Sometimes, one dream can be so real and positive that you want to leave it. I want a positive dream to turn into a physical reality. In another case, when the dream is painful and heavy, the thought arises: «It’s good that this is only a dream, not a reality.» And as a consciousness to decide what, in the end, a dream, and what — the reality? Use the parameters of matter density? To be based on the mood? To be satisfied with joyful feelings? And in a consequence, to confirm reality as true. Can it be worth acknowledging the painful negative reality of the main? What did the existing material world signify? Was it not a vivid reflection of the aspirations of people, the personification of a dream, or a manifestation of aggressive intentions? Only where does the line between illusion and reality end and end? And on which side of the two-faced Janus, is there a marker? The Ecumenical Eye sent its blue ray to Earth. The earth came to life. The absolute of the universe put a marker. The inhabitants of the Earth, of course, did not remember anything, did not notice anything. After all, they slept, and they dreamed of a death, perhaps a dream about the Apocalypse. An invisible but definitely noticeable force, changing the reality, «like gloves.» The life and consciousness of people has changed radically. First, the power changed consciousness in favor of evil reality, and declared it true. Centuries and millennia the human race, and later, civilization, developed in evil reality. The position of the predatory mind and the theory of deception predominated. Such a platform of life, turned life into a dream. Heavy, painful sleep. Awakened, I wanted to wake up a second time. The awakened wanted his environment to change along with his awakening. But this did not happen.

Consciousness of the Awakened, just as the consciousness of the universe of Light had to make a choice, in favor of one reality of life. Those who remained behind, or on another alternative, did not agree with the Awakened (with the revolutionary of Fire). Or they were jealous. Such people showed evil feelings, did not recognize the rightness of the Awakened. Others wanted to cross the front line. They wanted to go to heaven. But here’s the trouble. Uncertain, all the time hesitating, doubted, and ran from one territory to another. They were so exhausted that they went crazy and fell without power. Imitators and envious people got stuck between heaven and hell, and fell ill with an incurable disease. People accused that dream, then reality, while changing the markers of true reality. It was a chaos of consciousness. And then came Catharsis. Reincarnation. The earth has also been reborn. She had to decide on the choice of the reality of her life. Followed by the inhabitants of the planet. They were secondary, in the transformation process. The health of the planet definitely influenced the consciousness of people.

The intermediate human species suffered greatly from fluctuations in the choice of path. Planet of the priests, or «pea palace». The awakened man strove for harmony and order. Inside himself, even in a dream, he created order and symmetry. However, in the external world, in nature, everything was different. The Awakened (The Individual) thought: «I am normal and adequate. Three months ago, I begged the nature of the planet Earth, to end the endless rains. After three months of rain, the heat and drought came. And I again implore God, and the nature of the planet, to stop disharmony. » The individual wants to balance the weather, balance the system, balance values. It is influenced by the imposed external reality, the environment. It is external reality that makes a person think that he is not normal. In fact, abnormal and disharmonious, is the planet. The universe of light is not symmetrical. She imposes the reality of a nightmarish, evil dream. Who creates such projections? In whose power is the creation of evil thoughtforms and programs? After all, against them, we have to use an antidote, create weapons, expend energy. How to stop a nightmare: devilish game of ping pong? The universe had to defend itself against the nightmare reality. Is it necessary to clarify: a dream, or «about, not a dream?» The bad must be annihilated. And the Eye of the universe looked at the good. The higher mind has reflected: what reality to put in the head of the corner of life, so as not to rush about, as people do. What is a dream, and what is reality? The Universe of Light made a choice in favor of the symmetry of the Blue Universe, and went on to transform.

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