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The DNA of the angel. «The Universe of Angels». Author I. Nazarova (Amant-din).

Lena worked in the sixth department of the Embryonarium. The Marshal worked there. She was studying human DNA, crossing and breeding a new species. When the Marshal was suspended from work, Lena took his place. She prepared information for the earthlings, for the students of the Marshal. She understood that from the message she wrote, a lesson, the students will not understand everything. Most of the information was lost in the vibrational fields of the Earth. Mantalinka Lena read the message. «In a living human cell, there is a crystal of the absolute universal Spirit, or the concentrated Breath of God. Activating, the crystal is able to get out of its passive state and turn into a life-giving element. The mechanism of body regeneration, exceeding the current human immunity, will work. It is a system of human immortality, in full accordance with the Supreme Spirit and the spirit of Cosmogen cells. In the ordinary human state, the spirit of the cell is frozen. The cells of people are divided and die. They do not have reserve energy. Stop the moment. It’s like breathing before breathing. The less aware cells, the less a person lives. The mechanism of immortality is not too late to turn on even a minute before death. Any surviving living cell — cosmogen, will revive a new program of human life. The program of immortality will come into force. Possible teleportation, and «care with the body.» For those who are looking for a new space house, cell brain is more important, or rather the mind of cosmogens. In an ordinary human being, it is difficult to detect a crystal. There are no corresponding instruments on the Earth. But it exists, and at the moment of the awakening of the memory of the Spirit, the cell mutates according to the parameters of the universal angelic DNA. So the cosmogen is awakened. Cosmogen supersedes human nature, stuffed with viruses, erases genetic memory, cleansed of the so-called sin of Adam and Eve. Integral evolutionary parameters are included. People will become partially similar to each other, both externally and internally. A single DNA structure will allow us to work out a common language, balance the psychological state of a new person, and reflective adequacy. A person will change in a sensual plan. All harsh emotions, as a result of disharmony and accordingly the release of valuable nutrients, will be stopped. The built-in equivalent of the energy expenditure of the organism will work, a kind of inner voice that will induce to good actions. The body will turn into a closed large cell, protected from external factors of influence, protected from viruses and chips. A person will rise above the Earth in the understanding of the concepts of «death and mortality». All the secrets of the Earth will be revealed. The resources will be used differently. Self-consciousness of the cell activates beyond the possibility of a new person, and will create advantages over the old human species. The new race uses the planet in a completely different way. The formula of immortality.

Death plus Life, Alpha plus Omega, is N. The renewed essence of Ya. The Awakened passes the gates of death. He remembers himself in the womb of his mother. Folds life and death into a formula. With the help of this formula, the Awakened awakens Cosmogen, the DNA of the universal Mother of the World. What is the DNA of a particular person today? In the person the information of mum, the daddy and the own is incorporated. I’m Mom, + I’m Dad = I’m Me. The virus of the second «I» was due to the current formula: mum plus dad is me. Continuing the course of life, the child pulls a load of parents and ancestors. While working out karma, recalling past lives, an evolving person encounters, not only with his problems, but also with the problems of his parents. If the concept of memory is perceived as karma memory, then theoretically one can reach Adam and Eve, up to original sin. Memory of the planet Earth. To purify human DNA from destructive genes, it is necessary to awaken the Monad, the true «I», that is, the DNA of the angel. The awakened winds the time back, until the period when Adam and Eve were infected with the virus of Lucifer. According to the theory of 4x Systems, it was the virus of the Ruler of the Mobius System. Universal DNA is necessary for the purification of memory at the cellular level. Then they will leave not only the diseases of their parents, but also the memory of the sins of mankind. The awakening of the Monad is the beginning of the reference of the original substance of man. The formula of humanity will be this: I + I = I After returning to the space house, a new era will come. The degeneration of the human race. A new era will be called the Golden Age. As a result of the activation of the divine DNA, a process of awakening especially valuable universal species of mind will occur. The human virus adapts to the terrestrial environment, reproduces in subsequent generations. The amazed consciousness imitates the truth, builds up the ego crusts. Talking with an infected person is very difficult. The language of truth is inaccessible to him. Therefore, representatives of the higher civilizations do not communicate with each person. People perceive the world in a distorted way, because the virus in them is splitting consciousness. The word and the matter diverge. Consciousness is divorced from the body of the Monad. Thoughts and feelings are not coordinated. The Awakened, the Crowns, like the tops of the trees of the garden of God, are the people of the future. They know that Scanning should be directed at itself. You do not need to tell the truth to be good. You need to tell the truth, that you feel good. The truth will clear a person to the level of cells. The cell will turn into a fireball. The conductivity of light will increase. Consciousness will be directed to the sky. So the crowns — the tops of the trees look at the sun. The awakened, fiery transforms, and activates Cosmogen.

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