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Crystal of the soul.

Author Amant-din.

«Look at yourself , there’s a whole world . Inner world — your guide to the cosmos».  Book I. Nazarova «Fiery way.»

Inner psycho-spiritual world of man is great and powerful. This world can be dormant or awake, and then we talk about functionality. Self-realization , psychological work. The more people working in the field of the soul, the more you understand yourself , society and the world in general. The Master  Awakened always one step ahead and know what to expect as a result of a communication.  Soul body is in the crystal that can be clean or dirty.  Some crust formed as a deterrent, but kind of protection ineffective. Not to be confused aspirations ego concepts aimed at achieving results, fame, success, victory. These aspirations can be justified or not justified. Often a person builds up the ego is for extra strength for victory in their endeavors. But the ego is not an absolute value and not infinite, can not be compared with the soul. To distinguish the soul motivation and motivation ego, you must include your own conscience and truth, which lives inside and radiates light. The crystal to the body of the soul. When you get to the crystal, you will feel pain. Pain comprehensive, personal and global. When you see your crystal , you will get the required lighting. Conductivity light is very important here . Dark blotches in the crystal , each person has their own , and the number is different.  Crystal — a territory subconscious deep human memory. At this level, the word of truth is very important. In a short time you will go all the way from the present moment to the instant of birth. You see yourself in the mother’s womb. You will also see the your personal genetic errors . Once you see them , they disappear .  You will have to survive the memory of pain.  Finally becomes crystal clear. The light of God , and you will see the body of the soul . I call this the Monad . Soul could love and feel.  The Monad —  love and nonviolence. Monad housed best human concept of » I «. Holistic «I» . What people call the soul , appeared before me a comprehensive concept of » I «. Transformation at all levels. The Monad , is conscious and able to guide my personality. No longer needed to build up the Ego.  The purity of the crystal. So the mechanism earned. My lab has become suitable for the study of matter and the materialization.

The scanning system is a new organ of perception of the world. Scanning is used by people of the future — Awakened. Clairvoyance, telepathy, synaesthesia, clairaudience — function at a time, therefore they are called the Scanning System. Consciousness overcomes obstacles on the path of the energy of Light. Thought, feelings, circulation of blood, is a movement in the stream of Light. The motion from point A to point B can be «linear» and quantum. The awakened know exactly what «stone» prevents a person from reaching the goal. The scanning technique can be changed. The scanning organ helps to find a barrier, that is, «stone», evil, impregnations in the crystal of the Soul. What is this darkness? The darkness that closes the truth. The scanning system is the concentration of faith in God. Her instrument is inner light, sincerity, truth. Doubts, illness, violation of the energy balance between spiritual and physical matter, are a hindrance. Conflict between the soul and the animal part of man. Fears interfere with the process of human evolution. The awakened sees «blackouts,» in the transparent flow of Light, not only in himself, but in other people. The awakened «cleaned up» the energy field completely. He knows the laws of the Golden Section, on which life rests. The third eye — the crystal is oriented to life and prosperity. Everything that is against life looks like a darkening, or «stone.» «Stone» can easily be eliminated if a person asks. The awakened do not interfere in the processes, arbitrarily. Unconstrained consciousness, emotional chaos, low needs, ignorance, form a dense layer of dirt and «crusts» on the body of the soul. The awakened person acts according to the same program. Cleanses others as he cleanses himself. Sensations from scanning can be different. In most cases, scanning resembles touching pain points. The Awakened, a close emotional and painful threshold, but he is patient and restrained. The awakened person sacrifices selfish ambitions, the rade of truth. Under such conditions, the «third eye» sees well. «Ego» is not a natural state of a person. Additional protection, without which you could do without. «Ego» does not protect a person. When you are freed from the «crusts» of the Ego, sexuality increases, and the Monad awakens. Mind and will become stronger, especially when united with the soul. The third eye — the crystal sees well. Scanning of the Awakened does not affect the svadhistana chakra. Awakened is not set up for direct contact. Perfect mind does not involve working for other people. It happens that the scan encounters an insurmountable obstacle. The mind can «break» into this obstacle. It is dangerous to scan an organism that is heavily «obscured by sins». Therefore, the purity of the «entrance» and the «exit» is so important. The scanner must remain clean. His energy is kept in touch with the Brotherhood of Angels and with God. Information is not obsolete. Scanner — Awakened is a valuable trophy for the rau-do viruses. It is useless to hope for people, and to count on their understanding. Danger is visible only to the person — the scanner. People are blind and need help. The awakened must rely on God and on himself. When the Awakened is powerless to help, he holds the information of the person, as is. Information about a person is passed on to God. The concept of love and charity rests on the laws of the Golden Section and the philosophy of Fire. Non-violence, balance and unity. If you violate the technique of scanning: excessive emotionality, loss of self-control, lack of energy, the virus infects the body with viruses and chips. Awakened always takes risks. It is the ideal conductor of Light, so light-crystallization and light-conductivity are so important that ultimately light-materialization is obtained.

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