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Apocalypse and Theory Сosmogen.


Author Amant-din.

Invisible Apocalypsе — a very real phenomenon . This phenomenon can be observed today . Natural disasters , floods and tsunamis. Unjustified aggression of people spread around the world, captures them in their entirety , is war , death and destruction. Incredible growth of materialistic needs of the people . Even a developed economy can not stop the growth of human negative qualities: envy, greed, gluttony , rivalry. These defects are not allowed to go out of the circle of samsara. Monad — a divine gift . Monade can be implemented or not implemented at the person, but to live in freedom. First Monad should wake up and take charge . When awakened Monad , people change . Transformed his mind and body. The man refuses to samsaric way of thinking . Be free from religious prejudices . Activated cell cosmogen. In the space crystal cell is the divine spirit — the Divine Mother. Kosmogen in the best of worlds , and can survive in any environment Cosmos. Awakened Monade and cell cosmogen help each person to transform consciousness and to develop a new type of thinking. Man can form inside the whole person OEYA (union Ra ) . There will control the reflex activity — Ra consciousness. My method of » Kronogenezis » is designed to awaken the memory cosmogen .  Reflection, the search for truth , the truth and spiritual power — this is the leverage that space parameters. Mankind can not go back to mummification , as did the priests of ancient Egypt. Rites not lead to immortality. Lost and forgotten alchemical knowledge and the philosophy of the priests. However , the path to immortality is alive in all of us . «Look at yourself , there’s a whole world » — with these words of the book «The Fiery way.» This book was sent to me Teacher Amant — din and the fiery worlds .

Man saves the information in the course of life , and after death. The soul of man — a micro computer. The soul carries in space embrionary all his experience . Monad can be free wanderer and fully control any kind of matter . People are destroyed because of a divided consciousness. Human values do not coincide with the cosmic laws of the immortal existence. Crown — the people of the future are able to survive in a multidimensional space . For the crown of the concept does not exist — time . Neurons are accustomed to work , » the logical chain » to build a logical series , transformed , and function differently . Neurons are studying quantum jumps . Exist in multiple realities simultaneously. It is the ability of consciousness and the body as a whole. Very valuable acquisition . The ability to optimize the energy space , makes it possible to use the appropriate time . Walking on the » maze of memory «, » cause and effect » makes man a slave . This consciousness leads to » tunnel » of psychology. The transformation of consciousness during the Apocalypse will awaken «floating» intelligence. The man will not spend time on a long sleep . Man will rest in a meditative state — a trance , in a state of » peace of mind «. Rest for a few minutes. Another acquisition as a result of the transformation of consciousness — this liberation , independence of thought processes of other people. Autonomous energy space . Aura — cocoon.

Monad dictates your life determinants . Animal instincts — not ideal survival mechanism also does not ethical . Animal instincts of man , upon closer examination , promote death to a greater extent than the preservation of life in the universe. In an unconscious person plan to introduce the higher motives of existence — the evolution of the program . The integrated synthesis of the evolution of the program.


  1. Synthesis of the chakras , unified energy field .
  2. Scanning System — additional organ of perception of the world.
  3. Optimization , integration of mental processes . Holistic worldview .
  4. Awakening — this is the last dependence on the pulse of light as bio capacity ( supply).
  5. The transition to the Prana .

I wish that each of you has awakened the Monad and turned on the cosmic parameters of life.