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History of Lucifer. The story of fiery angel. mp3. Author I. Nazarova (Amant-din).

Author Irina Nazarova (Amant-din)

The history of Lucifer. The story of a fiery angel.

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Little angel sitting on a cloud, and looked skyward. It was a strange planet in a distant part of the galaxy in the center of the 4 systems. Angel looked into infinity, into the infinite blue of the sky and wanted to see the end of this world, and a new beginning. He wanted to know everything from the beginning to the end. In the infinite ocean of stars, Morning Star, Lucifer, still found a limit. This limit is stepped inside. He devised a way to absorb matter. His sharp eye passed through the atmosphere and burst into space in a vacuum. Before the Morning Star stretched distant planets, star systems and galaxies. He decided to count them. Easily and effortlessly, number converted into crystals, penetrated his consciousness. He seemed to swallow them. With each of the absorbed galaxy Morning Star had something similar to mental apotheosis, complete satisfaction being. He believed, and material worlds turned to some of his flesh, in the crystals. System for the system, gradually penetrated into the body and mind. In the end, the angel of light. His skin, and all he radiated light. Morning Star smiled, and the smile was reflected in the whole universe. He thought of eternity. Here, in the kingdom of God, on one of its planets, Morning Star felt god. He did not know the limit of their capabilities. He was allowed to almost everything. Favorite, the joy of the Creator. Lucifer liked to sit alone, not knowing about the existence of time, not counting and not understanding how changes to day and night. Future the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, did not use minutes and seconds. He measured the world crystals, and estimated the value of its filling a bottomless nature. Saturation occurred, but was kept very short. Saturation was replaced by the famine, and the Morning Star, again began to absorb the number — crystals. God taught him to see the light. Content and saturation — at infinity. But the consciousness of Lucifer reflected light. Is not tolerant nature that wanted to live always and everywhere, and to control life and death. Swallowing number, Morning Star tried to swallow and get enough time to the state of eternity. This problem has been on the force only to the Creator. Lucifer wanted to his body would be as bottomless as the spirit of God. Lucifer sought to merge with the form of an angel with a new device. It attracted new value and the power of the unknown. None of the other angels, anything like this is not observed. They lived without thinking about anything. Only Morning Star experimented on himself and on his body, trying to be reborn, to find new quality yourself and surprise yourself. The outside world does not surprise him. Doing this, the Morning Star has found God. He looked at the angel and revealed his secret. However, the light radiating from the angel, had no analogy, in all his kingdom. God could not be angry, he smiled lightly scolded and sent an angel to play with the other angels. Lucifer did not like the team and equality among equals. He did not understand what the meaning of sameness and obedience. Everything that happens in the kingdom of God, Lucifer assessed as autocratic state, the center of which the Creator, and all the other inhabitants — his servants. When God said that he loves all, the angel shared love for the amount of crystals. They turned out a lot, but it get one. Creator servants believed the children and gave them equal warmth and care. Lucifer felt that happens otherwise. Children answered the mutual love of the Creator, but he — Morning Star did not feel anything inside. Creator said that paradise — for them, and the world — for them. Morning Star believed him. He saw the words literally, and swallowed the galaxy, becoming a glowing mosaic. Rai sparkled, for no angel left him. The quality of light for the Angels did not change, because integrity is maintained, was not broken. Angel of the Morning Star has grown rapidly. God counted the age and maturation of children, because the time was powerless over the Angels. Morning Star was a handsome young man. Black wavy hair, like silk, hung down to his shoulders. Tall and slender young man with white skin is so white that moments skin was clear and glowing from within. He was still the darling of God. Often sat on the cloud, and thought planetary systems and galaxies. The overwhelming feeling grew, and like a shadow. Feeling is not humility, accompanied by angels everywhere. Invisible double suppressed, and the light is not enough. Step by step, moving away from him, Lucifer, then, as the body has continued to shine the light of the immortal essence of paradise. Morning Star was sealed with thoughts of a free form. In fact, he was so free. Nobody harassed on its territory no one encroached. God loved him. He lived in the best place of the Universe.

A vague feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of saturation, haunted. At this point, God created Adam. Coincidentally, that the Creator made ​​the decision and was adamant. Adam was an entirely new creature, not like anyone else. Birth of Adam, completely knocked out of the quiescent state of Lucifer, as lightning struck the angel. He asked himself, «Why Father created a new baby? He missed us? We did not like him? Why another one? «Unable to find an answer, Lucifer himself, replied:» Of course he knows better. Maybe I’ll make friends with Adam, as with the other angels. Though Adam and not an angel, we will find common games. «In the depths of the crystal heart, did not want to be friends. Adam was a stranger. It’s been a while. Lucifer diverted to other objects and phenomena involved in their affairs. But once he learned of the birth of Eve from Adam’s rib and. Birth of a secondary form of a new being — Adam, quite upset Lucifer. He asked: «Why did the Creator did not create a new angel, and a piece of a piece? From Adam’s rib. Eve can not be an angel. She was not born from the Ocean «Morning Star was close to anger. He thought about himself and about his role in this new world, transformed by God. He felt cramped and stuffy. Lucifer took angelic clothes, and left completely naked. His luminous body was burning like the sun. And there were no ice, in order to extinguish the fire of his feelings. Another moment, and he would have turned into a plasma entity in a fiery whirlwind, losing the familiar shell. Then he became a free fiery whirlwind universe. But Lucifer went the other way: collected and concentrated his balance and started materializing. He collected trophies — crystals, memory changes the world. Lucifer was as calm as ever, felt confident. That was his decision. The shadow of the threat grew inside him. Required effort and effective change to regain its former existence. Lucifer decided to destroy Adam and Eve. His head had a plan: how to infect Eve deadly virus. Apple death as a symbol of temptation was to do his job. Eva had to appear as defective nature. God would see their error, and would not create more than one. That was the original plan of Lucifer. Adam and Eve is often played in the Garden of Eden, in Eden. They looked cheerful and carefree, do not feel threatened. Lucifer at any moment could find them and communicate with them. Morning Star put into practice a coherent plan. There, in the depths of space worlds, Lucifer found a virus death and destruction. He swallowed it, along with some planets. Now the virus was part of him. It seemed to him, the virus did not harm him. Another crystal — no more! Now is the time to apply. Lucifer broke the crystal, separated from it splinter, put it in an apple. In this form, Lucifer brought an apple to Eve, and offered to try. First Eve rested. Adam was playing nearby, and did not see anything. A little later, Eva «strained brains» and nodded in agreement. Take a bite of the apple, Eve shuddered and turned pale. At this time, in the garden there was a clap of thunder, and the storm broke. None of the inhabitants of heaven, nor the Creator never observed this phenomenon in the history of Eden. God was angry. He went on like a storm, indignant and outraged. Lucifer nurtured his resentment as a poison seed. He split the love of God. In his mind, there was only a pathetic part. Morning Star suffered. He was hurt and scared. However, he did not want to deviate from your plan. Plan — free from God forever, and build your world. So for the first time cried ocean and the drop — a tear slowly getting ready to fall. Margin increased. Lucifer sat on his cloud and flew past him fiery bird. Her glittering wings were slightly wet from the storm, suddenly overtaken her. Droplet burning, like diamonds in the sun, and pearl wings Lambent all colors and shades of the rainbow. The bird flapped its wings, and cold drops fell on the face of the Morning Star. He started and awoke from his thoughts. Bird said: «I can see your thoughts. This caused a storm you? «Lucifer said,» Yes, I am. «She asked, «Why do not you talk to my father?» Lucifer said, «He loves people more than me.» Bird denied: «This is not so.» Lucifer did not want to listen to it and teleported in Mobius, the planet Rau do. It was a dead planet, with the lifeless soil, red. Lucifer did not worry about anything. He decided to build a country under the ground. He wanted to create his own world. World Warriors, and a world of robots, without the human soul, and without unity angelic crystals. Here he intended to create the Temple of Darkness. Hence it would be done to direct the planet Earth, and its underground kingdom of shadows. Lucifer knew the outcome of events, and foresaw the will of God. Now he becomes a fallen angel, and with him will go the other angels who initially were willing to accept his philosophy. Lucifer collect troops — the legions of darkness. By this time, God has already made ​​his decision. Adam and Eve were cast out of paradise on Earth. They became mortal. One breath, closed eye, and all done! Split the universe. Four planetary systems were the kingdom of God, Eden. Now the inhabitants of heaven and shared. Three of them are blue, white and fiery, formed a three-pronged, divine union. Moebius (red system) proved the property of Lucifer. On the planet do Rau formed an army, ships were built — the invaders of the human soul, invented technology temptation and trapping. Fallen angels, once on the ground, had to get used to the new conditions of existence. Some of them have mated with humans, other, secluded themselves in secret places, high in the mountains, or in impenetrable forests, and even in the oceans. They kept the remembrance of God and dreamed of returning home. Laws and symbols Higher worlds passed from mouth to mouth, and inherited from generation to generation. Not everyone is born with the seed crystal in place of the soul. Some angelic monads captivated Lucifer. He wanted to swallow the whole world. But he could not. He swallowed the souls of men. But not all people succumbed to its temptations. Spark of love, the pursuit of the fire, and the memory of an angel of God helped in the human body. These angels did not recognize the struggle. They still loved Lucifer and the angels of light equally. Their total pain expressed in an effort to break away from the Earth, escape from the planet, and return home. Therefore, people angels sought to reconcile all to frown reunion kingdom of God.

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