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Book by Irina Nazarova «Sattva Daughters».»To help you inside?»

Book by Irina Nazarova «Sattva Daughters».»To help you inside?»

116 sattva.

Not economical way of life of human civilization. Competition and rivalry causes friction between people. On the one hand: it seems that the friction gives rise to the evolution of ideas and technologies to the development of life, but it is not. Friction takes energy. Consumed physical, psychological and spiritual life of man. Anything that works within the time, it becomes the «fuel» systems machines. World Ego System Mobius is trying to rule the world. Competition increases the negative field of the person and the Earth. The evolution of consciousness should be based on love. All transformations on the planet should be carried out in the name of love.

118 sattva.

The law of coexistence on the golden section of Agni. Spiritual victory of man is worth nothing if it does not qualitatively change the program, the situation in the whole karma. It is a system of numbers, on the same formula. «Jump» is a formula. The meaning of the golden section is qualitative quantum jumps: both form and consciousness, and the entire program life. The evolution of consciousness is the awareness of the integral whole. Timeless jump on the golden section Agni — is the transformation of human consciousness.

120 sattva.

Pervading the project of God. Skeleton — The Matrix is ​​invisible principle of life. Skeleton (pound) — a substance with the properties of the Monad, that is not only physical, but also divine. Fiery matter is diverse. Fiery matter is the glue of God. Of this matter created Monad. By Monad «glued» physical atoms and molecules. My Monad can weigh 540 kg. in another dimension. Monad much larger man, his physical matter. Mind and body Monad sees the physical world dwarf. Tiny, looks natural, through the prism of the divine energy. The mother of God, in fact, controls weight and shape of man.

122 sattva.

Built-in functions.To manage time destructurization form, and simply change the physical body to another form of matter, need a formula Fire matter matrix formula. It should be an integrated program is therefore very important. The slightest miscalculation, and the man is dead. Long retention consciousness energy matrices, awaken in man primal memory (kosmogen), builtin  the sleeping program Monad.

124 sattva.

Destrukturnaya matter.Physical matter could be built according to the laws of the golden section of Agni, but its main volume is built on destrukturnyh cells. If the world is a big fire snowflake correct, then the physical world in every way it breaks. It has regular features of the parents, but the people who inhabit the world, forgetting their true Parent.

125 sattva.

Not skopiruesh not steal. Some people try to apply the golden section Agni to his mortal world and are similar to consciousness. Mortal types and programs, ugly building, not viable, and the mortal. Construction of the mind can spend some time doing his master compliment: «Well done, well adapted.» But the source of death will lead to death outcome.

126 sattva.

Human garden on the planet Earth, is different from the garden on my planet I -Ra.I can see how people tear apple from an apple tree, not multiplies, not divided, but hides. It has a garden (spirit, soul, body), but the man considers himself poor. He just rips apples and hides them from someone. In fact, a person steals from himself, because there is no other business before him! People do not think about another application of the garden. He was so busy stealing that he did not have time to eat an apple. Man does not think it is necessary to water the garden. He did not ask the question: «Why the garden, for which crop?» The man just like a machine breaks apples until the garden is empty. Then look at the results and said: «All I have finished.» I ask him: «What is your motivation?» He replied, «I boasted to a neighbor. I have more apples than him! «I believe that the desire to show off discharged to the same person will be in a hurry. He did not wait until the apples are ripe, will tear the green. And then what will? It would probably be to cut the garden to show off the trees. He will drive themselves to death.

127 sattva.

Purification of the Earth. Speaking the truth, and purifying the word of truth, the Lamb — conductor eliminates destructive matter. Someone exclaim: «Kill!» Lamb replied: «Do not die.» Rather, let it die a mortal and immortal Monad will lead you to the resurrection. Someone will say, «I hurt it anymore.» Lamb replied: «Your Monad hurt too make your lies.» People decide: «Who are you helping yourself inside?»

128 sattva.

4 of the human personality. Imprisonment and liberation. Eid, Subconscious, Consciousness Beyond consciousness, and each part is entombed in the crystal. Kristallogen. Moreover, each of the individual crystal, dirty, and interspersed. First you need to clean the crystals of each layer separately. So the man recognizes himself in all its manifestations. Know thyself, man removes excess crystals, and forms the whole person OEYA stacked in a single crystal. Within the individual lives OEYA Monad. Personality does not stop her from living. Then it is necessary to remove the last crystal. Svetoproyavitsya.

129 sattva.

Apocalypse continues.The Universe (most correct snowflake) tries to grow under the laws of the Golden Section. Naturally, she demolishes illegal structures «side-effect of amnesia,» and in fact, themselves «children of amnesia», leaving them only the part that remembers Parent, that is — the Monad. Monad flies in the Fiery World. Its conductor (nano) Ocean Energy — inner call, motivation, love to original parent. No selfishness, only love, memory, and call — these are the qualities of the golden section of Agni, which is guided by the Lamb. Synonyms: Awakening, crowns, fire.

133 sattva.

No feelings, but Mind.As you move farther from center center elements (God), the Monad loses memory of God. Quality of life is formed in accordance with the memory of the Monad. Monad live at a certain level, layer. Within society, people have different layers, different values. This is not good, because it is — the result of spilling them into tiny elements. As a result, people will forget the Single Parent — God. Here it is — bad. Society — layered cake. It glues together the memory of the Creator. However, God is generous. He does not force yourself to remember, and gave everyone the freedom to choose.

134 sattva.

Retrogression.The worse memory, the further away the whole particles from the place of their birth. It is safe to say that part of humanity is heading for annihilation. Identify those who destroyed easily: the fragmentation of the goals and objectives of life, insatiable greed. Greed is not determined by the presence of forms (money), and the desire for it. «The determinant of life — a life form» — the slogan of a man who lost his memory of the Creator.

135 sattva.

Amnesia in humans.A dream in which the Monad, like amnesia, creating a gap that can not be filled by anything. A man rushes. The human soul does not develop, frightened and allows you to fill the void with anything. Man must stay physically and in thought. In the state of Sattva. In sattva, people will start to remember God. And God feed and water rights. The trouble is that the man is disingenuous. Not everyone honest lives in sattva. Sit in a quiet and runs again steal the form. He steals from the Monad, steals her a chance to remember the true wealth.

137 sattva.

Forget about the forms. Forms (objects) — is the last of the reaction! If you are looking for a gold coin, you will not need to look for it in print in the sand.

138 sattva.

About profession. Question about Monad: «Who are you?»The man asked: «Who are you?». Monad said: «I am.» The man said, «identified himself.» Monad said: «I am not» in a box «.» The man waved his hand and said: «So not a professional! So you — no one. » Monad said: «I am a professional in different areas, but they are part of a whole. You ask about the whole, or part of it? «. The man asked: «Who are you? Who will go for you and from what profession? «. Monad said, «can go all. I’ll give any advice. » Man questioned: «Professional go to a professional. He no longer needed. » Monad said: «Then you dwarfs-prisoners.» The man said: «I am the master of his craft.» Monad said: «It’s — it’s not the whole of life, only a part of.» The man said: «I am passionate about, and this is my whole life.» Monad said: «You’re a slave parts.» The man asked, «What do you suggest?» Monad said, «understands life, and not fixed to the side. A man who knows the bad life can not be a professional in terms of life. People — tightrope walkers in the profession, but they see not a single law. » The man asked, «What they do not see?» Monad said: «Reminds diving into the water. Who will dive deeper into the profession. In fact, at the bottom of the same laws as the water on the surface. Motivation: bragging + obsession + fixation (the ultimate goal). Motor — interspecific selection. The winner is the hottest male (catching). » The man asked: «What do you suggest?» Monad said: «The evolution of the determinant. The new value of life. » The man asked: «Why the new determinants?» Monad said: «interspecies selection — Law dislike. It should be changed. » The man said, «The leader is dependent on others, and do not kill them.» Monad disagreed: «Inside retained anger and competition. On occasion, someone would kill him. Duplicity and lack of love. » The man asked: «How to keep love? Who does not kill? Under what conditions? «Monad said:» Whoever changes the profession. As well as a new leader. » The man asked: «Can Savior help? One good king. » Monad said: «People of the contract and would kill him because of envy. Choose a convenient leader who will still rob them and show its leadership position. » The man asked: «Can a collection of help?» Monad said: «Lobby. Group leaders competing in the lobby. But the threat from — united in holding power. » The man asked, «What should I do?» Monad said: «To comprehend life.» The man asked: «Why?» Monad said: «To change the determinants of evolution.» The man asked, «Where do I start?» Monad said: «From the study of the existence of uniform laws of different fields and professions. Backup and wisdom. » The man asked, «What is it?» Monad said: «You are a passenger on a train and going. You can guess where he’s coming, but you do not know when. You do not want to get off the last station, so you do not care when you get there. » The man asked: «And you, where you go? Perhaps there too? Then it does not matter how to ride. Anyway, the train did not stop. » Monad said: «I train driver and a passenger in one person.» If three are going so smoothly, surely they are satisfied with the direction and place the end of the conditional. » The man asked: «So tell me who you are, your direction and ultimate goal ?!» Monad said: «I am a free fiery whirlwind universe. I am free even from the answer. »

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