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Articles I. Amant-din


Apocalypse and Theory Сosmogen

Invisible Apocalypses — a very real phenomenon . This phenomenon can be observed today . Natural disasters , floods and tsunamis. Unjustified aggression of people spread around the world, captures them in their entirety , is war , death and destruction. Incredible growth of materialistic needs of the people . Even a developed economy can not stop the growth of human negative qualities: envy, greed, gluttony , rivalry. These defects are not allowed to go out of the circle of samsara. Monad man — a divine gift . Monad can be implemented or not implemented at the person, but to live in freedom. First Monad should wake up and take charge . When awakened Monad , people change . Transformed his mind and body. The man refuses to samsaric way of thinking . Be free from religious prejudices and superstitions hoax . Activated cell cosmogen. In the space crystal cell is the divine spirit — the Divine Mother. Cage knows the way to God, and in the best of worlds , and can survive in any environment Cosmos. Awakened Monad and cell cosmogen help each person to transform consciousness and to develop a new type of thinking. Man can form inside the whole person OEYA (fire union I ) . There will control the reflex activity — Ra consciousness. If people want to survive , they must remember the home space and cosmic parents, as a result , to find the true self . Such a transformation will open in excess capacity , improve intuition. Awaken dormant parts of the brain . My method of » Kronogenezis » is designed to awaken the memory cosmogen . People often believe in magic , and do not realize that magic can do for yourself. Reflection, the search for truth , the truth and spiritual power — this is the leverage that space parameters of life. Mankind can not go back to mummification , as did the priests of ancient Egypt. Rites not lead to immortality. Lost and forgotten alchemical knowledge and the philosophy of the priests. However , the path to immortality is alive in all of us . «Look at yourself , there’s a whole world » — with these words of the book «The Fiery way.» This book was sent to me Teacher Amant -Din and the fiery worlds .

Man saves the information in the course of life , and after death. The soul of man — a micro computer. The soul carries in space embrionary all his experience . Monad can be free wanderer and fully control any kind of matter . People are destroyed because of a divided consciousness. Human values ​​do not coincide with the cosmic laws of the immortal existence. Crown — the people of the future are able to survive in a multidimensional space . For the crown of the concept does not exist — time . Neurons are accustomed to work , » the logical chain » to build a logical series , transformed , and function differently . Neurons are studying quantum jumps . Exist in multiple realities simultaneously. It is the ability of consciousness and the body as a whole. Very valuable acquisition . The ability to optimize the energy space , makes it possible to use the appropriate time . Walking on the » maze of memory «, » cause and effect » makes man a slave . This consciousness leads to » tunnel » of psychology. The transformation of consciousness during the Apocalypse will awaken «floating» intelligence. The man will not spend time on a long sleep . Man will rest in a meditative state — a trance , in a state of » peace of mind «. Rest for a few minutes. Another acquisition as a result of the transformation of consciousness — this liberation , independence of thought processes of other people. Autonomous energy space . Aura — cocoon.

Monad dictates your life determinants . Animal instincts — not ideal survival mechanism also does not ethical . Animal instincts of man , upon closer examination , promote death to a greater extent than the preservation of life in the universe. In an unconscious person plan to introduce the higher motives of existence — the evolution of the program . The integrated synthesis of the evolution of the program combines :

  1. Beyond reason and intelligence cell at the same time .

2 . Synthesis of the chakras , unified energy field . Needless submission.

3 . Connect the two hemispheres of the brain in a single mind .

4 . Scanning System — additional organ of perception of the world.

5 . Optimization , integration of mental processes . Holistic worldview .

  1. At the cellular level of the mind. Fire awareness of the Crown.
  2. Inside the wake of the Monad and decoding cosmogen . Awakening — this is the last dependence on the pulse of light as bio capacity ( supply).
  3. The transition to the new diet. Prana .

I wish that each of you has awakened the Monad and turned on the cosmic parameters of life.

Articles Irina Nazarova

Crystal of the soul.

Irina Nazarova.  

«Look at yourself , there’s a whole world . Inner world — your guide to the cosmos . » Book I. Nazarova «Fiery way.»

Inner psycho-spiritual world of man is great and powerful. This world can be dormant or awake , and then we talk about functionality. Self-realization , psychological work , akin to anatomical dissection (reflection ) . Labor invisible , but very grateful . It can be compared with a classical musician performer, an athlete or ballet dancer . The more people working in the field of the soul, the more you understand yourself , society and the world in general. Master Kron always one step ahead and know what to expect as a result of a communication. But we are not going to evaluate other , we talk about the anatomy of the soul and the attainment itself. Soul body is in the crystal that can be clean or dirty, with splashes . Crystal Crusted ego . Crusts may be many , they peel onions . Some crust formed as a deterrent, but kind of protection ineffective . Other peels — is the result of defects , lies and cowardice. Noble ideals , conscience, truth — these are the keys that peel ego . Not to be confused aspirations ego concepts aimed at achieving results , fame, success, victory . These aspirations can be justified or not justified . Often a person builds up the ego is for extra strength for victory in their endeavors. But the ego is not an absolute value and not infinite , can not be compared with the soul. To distinguish the soul motivation and motivation ego , you must include your own conscience and truth, which lives inside and radiates light. This really shows the way down , way deep into the crystal to the body of the soul. When you get to the crystal, you will feel pain. Pain comprehensive , personal and global . Pain behind his and other people’s sins . If you soak it , then pass on. When you see your crystal , you will get the required lighting . Conductivity light is very important here . Dark blotches in the crystal , each person has their own , and the number is different. The practice is akin to taking out a splinter from a finger, only splinter may not be one . Crystal — a territory subconscious deep human memory. At this level , the word of truth is very important. In a short time you will go all the way from the present moment to the instant of birth. You see yourself in the mother’s womb , and be long before implementation. You will also see the error sort, and your personal genetic errors . Once you see them , they disappear . So cleaned blotches. You will have to survive the memory of pain. Shame for himself and for others. Finally becomes crystal clear. Flowed through the light of God , and you will see the body of the soul . I call this quantity the Monad . Soul could love and feel , and may contain the Monad : good reason , love and nonviolence body senses . Monad housed best human concept of » I «. Holistic «I» . What people call the soul , appeared before me a comprehensive concept of » I «. Transformation at all levels. I saw that the Monad , is conscious and able to guide my personality. No longer needed to build up the ego , ego strengthening the concept . It was enough just to maintain the purity of the crystal. So the mechanism earned . My lab has become suitable for the study of matter and the materialization.

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Kosmogen. What is the kosmogen?

From the book of I. Nazarova «Kosmogenesis 4 systems.»

Kron has cosmogen. He sees the inner eye (pineal gland), is feeling the essence of things and events, see the world in all its hidden aspects. Kron have cosmogenic from the Supreme Being (mother, father — an angel). Kosmogenic helps you remember the big task that God has laid on him (4 systems). Higher Karma, a program with which a person is Kron, obliges him to live a special life.  Kron other valuables, sometimes differ from the values ​​of people. Universal ethics of communication and co-existence helps Kron quickly find a way out of a difficult situation. Kron clean spiritually and physically. They — the messengers of God. Kron owned Scanning System: Svetokristallizatsiey, svetooptimizatsiey, light transmission and svetomaterializatsiey. Semantic translation: Kron — the tree tops. Another meaning of the word: Kron — Light-temperature superconductors (Fire). Kron Crystal, has a low coefficient of distortion. Clean, liquid crystal with cosmogenic awakened, and with the memory of the immortal existence. Scanning System Crohn’s (Kron — Awakened) helps to rebuild on the universal consciousness parametramyu This Kron uses geometry and philosophy in a single perception — the sacred symbolism. Kron sees the internal processes of the organism in the form of program codes, numbers, symbols and formulas. Mathematical and philosophical reflection in a dream. A different perception of themselves and the world.


From the book of I. Nazarova, «The Transformation of Consciousness — the transformation of matter.»

Higher beings in ancient times came to Earth. Their DNA is owned by the Unified World Mother, Primordial Mother. Higher beings created high-tech civilization that developed under the laws of the Golden Section. Civilization demigods. Their soul — it is a single Monad, double and sometimes Senary is able to travel in the universe has many built-in functions, in order to survive in difficult conditions. 4 Systems creators who created the planet Earth (Blue System, Moebius, Fire-Agni System and White System) participated in an experiment on an animal with a higher assimilation Being a demigod. On Earth, bred angels and early humans (animals). This experiment was carried out to a greater extent Mobius system. Mobius system used (uses) are not always humane methods of influence on the Earth and humans. Gradually, a person’s DNA is losing its perfect quality because they lose the Monad and its spiritual crystal (DNA primordial Mother). There is a mutation showers. However, in some people survived intact cosmogenic DNA demigod. Besides his father, or mother, arriving from other systems continue to interbreed with humans, and spread the kosmogen. This is called preincarnation.


Articles Irina Nazarova


Punishment and mercy.

We built Monad values. She initially know what is good and what is bad. The Lord made it so. When the first Monad came to live in the biomass, they clearly understand what is good and what is bad. The monads could sharply condemn, punish and even kill for the broken universal law. At first, the animal obeyed the Monad. The Monad — the angels were poorly adapted to the environment. Killed both species. It was necessary to strengthen the system of self-preservation. God (the three creators of the system) listened system Moebius (4yu), which proposed to subsidize the Monad «incorporation» Ego. The motivation was such that Monad will be less conflict with the two kinds of animals and better agree. The ego is like a virus struck the body of the Monad predatory features. Some people once said that their ego has come to live. About Monad neglect. People are gradually forgotten embedded value of the Monad and concepts of good and bad. Rather, people began to distort these concepts. In society, there was a conspiracy of the world ego. So in life penetrated viruses greed, envy, deceit, cruelty. Gradually infringed upon the rights of the Monad, and the rights of the ego and the animal grew. Civilization has come to that lie is perceived as truth. Values ​​are messed up and changed. The man was to die for other reasons. People are going crazy because of the loss of quality of spiritual values. Inside the good words and deeds are hiding dirty tricks and lies. People do not trust each other. In humans there is «Rear mind», which is not, say, Ramge, and the world of Manta, in the angelic Systems.

In order to clear the Monad, I had to reset the «armor» Ego. Ego — the controller, the warrior and the aggressor. Now that the Monad has experience of co-existence, it is easy to find a compromise solution. God looked at it and decided that the ego does not need such a large quantity. God has given the right to administer their Monad righteous judgment. Monad looked at human life and offered three laws of non-violence, harmony and unity. People violate the Word of the Monad and the universal laws of existence. Kron — manifests itself in something strongly, and in the other case, too good, and looks like a simpleton. Tricky people think that deceived Kron. Monad sees the inside. To protect yourself, Monad represents man as a mirror. In other circumstances, the Monad as the conductor of fire. It strongly holds the light when he sees the darkness. Monad holds the light. If the dark fragments of the ego are plentiful, Kron — Monad burning like a torch. The greater the darkness, the greater the fire. Fiery sword of vengeance karma destroys the dirt. People who indulge in falsehood to think that they are being killed. People are afraid of the truth. I do not cause conflicts. I — Monad Amon-ra and infrared, suggesting self-purification of human spiritual and physical dirt. Each person must purify themselves. I suggest a reason. You are sure to pass the purgatory when you die, after death. You have to go with Purgatory life. God forgives all sins. Individual cleaning Monad. Getting rid of the distortion of the concept of the ego. I’m waiting for colleagues to build the Golden society. In the Golden Company — adjusted universal values ​​and the same needs. Civilization optimizers and the Brotherhood of Love.

Ирина Назарова

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Angelic universal feeling of  love.

In the world of angels, there is no age, no distinction based on gender, there is no idol, no icons, no religion, around which to gather for collective worship. No mass hypnosis and bigotry. The nature of divine love — other. There is a counter-movement shower, and there is a connection between the brothers. Elixir of love filled space of the planet. Angels do not fall in pairs. They are free monoistichny. This is a Universal Love. So live and interact in the world Ramga. Soul glow from within and sing. Universal Mother kissed these monads. Elixir of love eat, how kind of energy. It is distributed among all, all in equal measure. Elixir inhale the air. Love — supratemporality energy materialization of regeneration and resurrection. Love — the elixir of immortality.

People feel sympathy and fall in love, connected to procreation. This happens in the world. There is another, but a weak incentive for unity of people — a community of interests. Of all the relationships, family ties are the most robust. Although, between relatives are not always present emotional connection. Their relationship is difficult to break. They oblige and dictate. Sexual relationships involve border. By the way, at the time of the pharaohs, morality was different. Perhaps this makes sense. I do not know. No religion directs man to man. She directs a person to the leader, the deity or an idol. And never a man — a man, or a man — a group of people. In today’s society a lot of conventions and constraints. No one knows anything about the angelic souls of cosmogenic love that exists among the different ages and sexes, and does not necessarily imply a sexual relationship. Not institution alized unity, lost souls live on planet Earth. Disjointed society is unaware of the presence of the Brotherhood. People are looking for relationships outside the family. Their souls are ready for more, ready to share their experiences and give their love another one. People are holding back the complex, politeness and subordination, the crust on the surface of the soul, the crust is not giving love. Monad does not get old. What, then, is aging? Some people think that aging body. I feel sorry for those who count on the body. They will regret it. My message is not for them. Angels know how to love, do not pay attention to the age, ethnicity and other differences. Krons know how to build a city and state, based on the laws of the Brotherhood. I love my Teacher and Mother of the World. Soul Love does not put boundaries. One light that fills the interior volume of my being. Love — is the Light. What is the strength, the divine impulse withstand the human soul, the human brain? Is there a limit? We are in love is not commensurate. In the Brotherhood of Angels do not worship an idol, it’s not the Tantric community. The unity of monads — something more.

A thin beam of light penetrates one. First, you assign it to, hiding from someone else’s eyes. You do not allow yourself to forget, out of love, or betray it. This relationship is stronger than all the links. Communication is eternal. Then why hide it? Why hide from the other fellow? Love to multiply. Someone has already felt. Invisible threads are pulled through the karma of love, centuries and millennia. People with angelic souls know everything. Those who have forgotten, is afraid of this feeling. There are no rules. The monads are united in the feeling of love. Kron — the people are spreading the light of the future beyond itself. From the fiery shower built Golden society. We know each other’s eyes and heart, energy and devoted faith in God. We can make mistakes, be sharp, but always come back to each other like magnets. No hard feelings and no memory errors. Love burns misunder standing. One look, and love one passes through the heart. Heart angels! It’s your future! We remember the Brotherhood, and cherish the memory in their hearts. There is a program, but there is no leader. He did not need one. There is a common task. But love is more precious than all the tasks. Before intercourse, remove the crust from the body of the Monad. Crystal is clean, the clairvoyant sees the world without distortion, not too little.