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I lived in the Blue System on the planet Ramga.

Irina Nazarova Amant-din. 

I apologize for not a professional translation of the text.

Authentic message

I lived in the Blue System on the planet Ramga.

Journey home.

Plane of consciousness — «Blue Horizon» looked a door to another dimension. Civilization is much higher than human civilization, on many levels. Tehnorazum, crystal mind, the mind of plant origin. The atmosphere glowed emerald, turquoise and sometimes light. Here reigned synthesized mind. The machinery and vehicles at a closer look, from one angle had one form, but with a different angle of view — very different. It was impossible to connect the object to the understandable for a person structure. Optical illusion (imperfect human vision), the optical distortion. It was difficult to determine the shape of a multidimensional object.

Ramga planet similar to Earth. It is and the sea, and the flowers and lovely fruit. I often dream fed strange fruit, called la — neo. It’s a cross between watermelon and strawberries. The soil of the planet, as if washed, no dust, and the sand is white. The planet has two luminaries that are equivalent to the strength of radiation, but much weaker than the sun. The vegetation is lush and large. There are flowers, the size of the vehicle. The sea is not salty, with a flavor of unknown origin. Unusual architecture of cities. Most of the buildings on Ramge of the growing crystals. Everyone lives in a separate house. The houses are located at a distance of 200 meters from each other. Moreover, after some time, the construction can spontaneously change shape. People like us externally. Live up to the 1500 Earth years. People wear clothes translucent pastel shades. People know the technology impact on plant growth. Almost all buildings made of crystals, have a garage, on top of the house. It was used for aircraft. From there, constantly flying discs and shuttles. Ramga planet and its people have opened my knowledge is very important, and the main memory piqued my life on the planet, and all contact with them.

Picture painted by me.

Message from the Blue System.

«We in you, hide valuable information supreme cosmic civilization, Blue system, planets Ramga. You — the form to save the life of a higher intelligence. Besides keeping the information in the» after death «period, it may be up-expression in their lifetime. Age does not matter . human mind is split into two parts: in the mind, which is clumsily defends its shape, the physical body and the consciousness that remembers us. This mind, consciousness, dreams to remember the Creator. code of self-liberation is not given to man. We hide the source of eternal life . You consciously performing mission support invaluable blue energy. During this knowledge hunt.  The Vigilant. The more consciously with us, the more valuable the information we entrust to you for safekeeping. Monad is the custodian of the information. ‘You — N … the king’s daughter Nirit , the planet Ramga. blue energy you. Your mind is a higher purpose. You will bring benefits to the people and us. Unscramble information. How long did you not stay here. Come to us, we have a well. Land — great experiment. His conduct four systems: Blue, White, Fire, Moebius. we can do with the earth whatever we want. But many of earthlings — our, so all the proceeds.»

Blue System — King Nirit. His father’s voice. 

It was a fine day.
The star was burning bright.
And you’re under it sat, looking skyward.
Dreaming to fly there,
Where the idea has not got out.
And all returned back.
Look — a mirror image.
Their past, present time.
Of the current — in the past two steps.
And the future is there?
Check it out. When I found you,
I realized: You lot can and should be.
Who here still work, think will?
How little you. As the road you me.
And the children, dear heart,
Carry your cross on the cursed earth.
A curse on anyone?
There is no evil and no good.
There is a stop, and there is no balance.
Learn from those who love you ..
Look: in your hand, my ball.
You’re a child playing with him,
And I could not say that I’m with you
Only the formulas sent to Earth.
You’re took for remembered.
How many people need to: Conquer the world.
And the word «give» and the earth and the sky.
And the word «give»
Only in order to amaze.
Look at what is in you.
If you need another?
You see, at any time,
We will do with the land
All we think properly.
Comply with the laws is not difficult.
Words, words, and vanity.
Go your way. Do not seek …

I will not impose strict.
Clearly all without words.
We conclude the first conversation.
You get some rest.

Author Irina Amant-din. Earth — a trap for the Monad.

To begin with, that person is really created by the experiment. Put together a dual Monad (dark matter) and physical biological cell. Experiments were conducted not only in monkeys. Spiritual cell (Monad) was combined with the cell bull, jackal, eagle, cat and fish. Known characters such mysteries as: mermaid, centaur, Anubis, Horus. Before becoming the spiritual foundation of human, double Monad was uninterrupted source of power of God (the source of all). Monad lived in the Brotherhood of the fire. Monad was in love and harmony. Monad injured Systems Moebius. The governor Systems Moebius, Lucifer Monad infected by a virus that was in an animal cell. Moebius «hooked» Monad to have sex animals. Degrees were so high that the Monad was tempted by the energy and let a virus physical love. Monad loved you love! Then the ruler of Mobius systems shared Monad half. One part he gave the man another woman. So there were the first people. People have a soul — half of the Monad and libido (instincts) of the animal. The magnetism of the Earth sucks free monads who quietly fly in space. Determinants of life Libido, tempts and provokes Monad embodied in infants. Libido Monad promises to love and emotion, passion and enjoyment. In essence, the Monad realized that it had been deceived, when I saw that was mortal. Real Brotherhood, love and harmonious energy were present only in the Ocean of God Ra. Different values ​​of men and women in short-term unity of sexual and sensual relationship, do not create a holistic existence on Earth. The worst thing is that the immortal Monad physical death infected cell. First Monad adept Monad Eve. It was followed by Adam. Follow living souls on Earth have become carriers of the virus split integrity (male and female) and split dual Monad. The soul of man, every time embodied in the death substance. At the site of bonding of the soul and the physical matter is the scar that hurts and reminds the person of the lost House. Tripe causes distress. Inside the physical cells preserved the spirit of the crystal, but not all people. This cosmogenic. Cosmogenic reveals the secrets of the universe, known only to the Monad. Earth is a trap for the Monad. People do not know how to love even after finding the second half, even after they were presented with a number of gods martyrs. Any spiritual idea turns into dust thrown against the material forms. The material world, financial and domestic problems, kill love. Necessary for each person to make sense of his precursor, Monad, not to overestimate the role of the animal instincts in human life. Monad, whether male or female, must understand that the world does not need to look for love. It is necessary to stay in the ocean and be a constant formula. To be remembered as a digital terrestrial bugs archive your experience of being on the planet Earth. Earth System is subject to Moebius — Lucifer. I make the choice in favor of the Monad. And let me forgive my body. I have not forgotten, loved, cared about your health and the health of those who live next to me. The truth above all else. Let the animals live on earth, and in his Divine Monad House. I’ll go into an immortal existence. I am in life, suffered his ashes. Read more Creation of the Earth, Adam and Eve.