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Angelic universal feeling of love.

I apologize for not a professional translation of the text.

Irina Amant-din.

In the world of angels, there is no age, no distinction based on gender, there is no idol, no icons, no religion, around which to gather for collective worship. No mass hypnosis and bigotry. The nature of divine love — other. There is a counter-movement shower, and there is a connection between the brothers. Elixir of love filled space of the planet. Angels do not fall in pairs. This is a Universal Love. So live and interact in the world Ramga. Soul glow from within and sing. Universal Mother kissed these monads. Elixir of love eat, how kind of energy. It is distributed among all, all in equal measure. Elixir inhale the air. Love — supratemporality energy materialization of regeneration and resurrection. Love — the elixir of immortality.

People feel sympathy and fall in love, connected to procreation. This happens in the world. There is another, but a weak incentive for unity of people — a community of interests. Of all the relationships, family ties are the most robust. Although, between relatives are not always present emotional connection. Their relationship is difficult to break. They oblige and dictate. Sexual relationships involve border. By the way, at the time of the pharaohs, morality was different. Perhaps this makes sense. I do not know. No religion directs man to man. She directs a person to the leader, the deity or an idol. And never a man — a man, or a man — a group of people. In today’s society a lot of conventions and constraints. No one knows anything about the angelic souls of cosmogenic love that exists among the different ages and sexes, and does not necessarily imply a sexual relationship. Not institution alized unity, lost souls live on planet Earth. Disjointed society is unaware of the presence of the Brotherhood. People are looking for relationships outside the family. Their souls are ready for more, ready to share their experiences and give their love another one. People are holding back the complex, politeness and subordination, the crust on the surface of the soul, the crust is not giving love. Monad does not get old. What, then, is aging? Some people think that aging body. I feel sorry for those who count on the body. They will regret it. My message is not for them. Angels know how to love, do not pay attention to the age, ethnicity and other differences. Krons know how to build a city and state, based on the laws of the Brotherhood. I love my Teacher and Mother of the World. Soul Love does not put boundaries. One light that fills the interior volume of my being. Love — is the Light. What is the strength, the divine impulse withstand the human soul, the human brain? Is there a limit? We are in love is not commensurate. In the Brotherhood of Angels do not worship an idol, it’s not the Tantric community. The unity of monads — something more.

A thin beam of light penetrates one. First, you assign it to, hiding from someone else’s eyes. You do not allow yourself to forget, out of love, or betray it. This relationship is stronger than all the links. Communication is eternal. Then why hide it? Why hide from the other fellow? Love to multiply. Someone has already felt. Invisible threads are pulled through the karma of love, centuries and millennia. People with angelic souls know everything. Those who have forgotten, is afraid of this feeling. There are no rules. The monads are united in the feeling of love. Kron — the people are spreading the light of the future beyond itself. From the fiery shower built Golden society. We know each other’s eyes and heart, energy and devoted faith in God. We can make mistakes, be sharp, but always come back to each other like magnets. No hard feelings and no memory errors. Love burns misunder standing. One look, and love one passes through the heart. Heart angels! It’s your future! We remember the Brotherhood, and cherish the memory in their hearts. There is a program, but there is no leader. He did not need one. There is a common task. But love is more precious than all the tasks. Before intercourse, remove the crust from the body of the Monad. Crystal is clean, the clairvoyant sees the world without distortion. Miraculously, it appears that Kron (interpretation of the meaning: the tree tops, above the conductor) on Earth, not too little.


Punishment, kindness and justice. The origin of doubt.


We built Monad values. She initially know what is good and what is bad. The Lord made it so. When the first Monad came to live in the biomass, they clearly understand what is good and what is bad. The monads could sharply condemn, punish and even kill for the broken universal law. At first, the animal obeyed the Monad. The Monad — the angels were poorly adapted to the environment. Killed both species. It was necessary to strengthen the system of self-preservation. God (the three creators of the system) listened system Moebius (4yu), which proposed to subsidize the Monad «incorporation» Ego. The motivation was such that Monad will be less conflict with the two kinds of animals and better agree. The ego is like a virus struck the body of the Monad predatory features. Some people once said that their ego has come to live. About Monad neglect. People are gradually forgotten embedded value of the Monad and concepts of good and bad. Rather, people began to distort these concepts. In society, there was a conspiracy of the world ego. So in life penetrated viruses greed, envy, deceit, cruelty. Gradually infringed upon the rights of the Monad, and the rights of the ego and the animal grew. Civilization has come to that lie is perceived as truth. Values ​​are messed up and changed. The man was to die for other reasons. People are going crazy because of the loss of quality of spiritual values. Inside the good words and deeds are hiding dirty tricks and lies. People do not trust each other. In humans there is «Rear mind», which is not, say, Ramge, and the world of Manta, in the angelic Systems.

In order to clear the Monad, I had to reset the «armor» Ego. Ego — the controller, the warrior and the aggressor. Now that the Monad has experience of co-existence, it is easy to find a compromise solution. God looked at it and decided that the ego does not need such a large quantity. God has given the right to administer their Monad righteous judgment. Monad looked at human life and offered three laws of non-violence, harmony and unity. People violate the Word of the Monad and the universal laws of existence. Kron — manifests itself in something strongly, and in the other case, too good, and looks like a simpleton. Tricky people think that deceived Kron. Monad sees the inside. To protect yourself, Monad represents man as a mirror. In other circumstances, the Monad as the conductor of fire. It strongly holds the light when he sees the darkness. Monad holds the light. If the dark fragments of the ego are plentiful, Kron — Monad burning like a torch. The greater the darkness, the greater the fire. Fiery sword of vengeance karma destroys the dirt. People who indulge in falsehood to think that they are being killed. People are afraid of the truth. I do not cause conflicts. I — Monad Amon-ra and infrared, suggesting self-purification of human spiritual and physical dirt. Each person must purify themselves. I suggest a reason. You are sure to pass the purgatory when you die, after death. You have to go with Purgatory life. God forgives all sins. Individual cleaning Monad. Getting rid of the distortion of the concept of the ego. I’m waiting for colleagues to build the Golden society. In the Golden Company — adjusted universal values ​​and the same needs. Civilization optimizers and the Brotherhood of Love.