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Messages of the Highest Reason, dictation, Irina Amant-din.

The Teacher Amant-din.

Information obtained authentic way (trans) of the letter. Channeling and explanation. 

Transformation of Teacher Amant-din: Amenhotep 4 (Akhenaton), the Highest priest of Egypt, governor of 9 dynasties, tsar of a planet of Ramga (Blue System). The strong civilization of demigods went to the space world. Now the Fire Worlds send knowledge to Earth to awaken memory of soul. Teacher Amant-din prepares new people. The electee, requirements of the Teacher – Awakened, Kron. The teacher reported about me the doctrine «Fire Way». This doctrine about refusal of violence, balance and unity. These three principles are applied to categories: consciousness, soul and body. The doctrine «Fire Way» settled the facing sizes and concepts. Main criterion: life and harmony preservation. I applied lessons in usual life and saw the world in a new way. I developed new perception of the separate phenomena. I quickly think, and I make the decision. Disposal of defects, egoism. Healthy lifestyle. Teacher Amant-din taught me to use biological System — the scanner, it is correct to understand information. System — the scanner a pure source of knowledge. «The ardent way» helps to see signs and to decipher them. I am Fire Brotherhood. Fire teaches spiritual force. I hear the Monad voice. The monad opened the Universe secret. The doctrine «Fire  Way» defined an internal task and value of life. The teacher helped to understand himself, last problems, and helped to create the best life. I am free in a choice. Amant-din chose me on destiny. We are connected by reincarnation in Egypt. The teacher has no other pupils. I teach people according to the Doctrine. The doctrine helps many people. «Fire way» are precepts and lessons which are useful actually.







Имя Учителя и мое.

Верховный жрец Египта 9 династия.

Учитель Амант-дин


 Essence of the doctrine:

1 . Purpose of the person: to find darling, the friend, the supporter.
2 . To keep in contact with the Teacher and God. The highest Communication, helps Kron to remember vibration of Fire and to study laws on the Universe.
3 . Not to allow conflict situations in itself and in the outside world. Unity and harmony. To be brave and patient.
4 . To strengthen the spiritual force and sincere experience. To create criteria of the values based on love to life and wisdom.
5 . The soul, mind and body have to be equivalent, have the equal rights. Balance.
6 . To arrive to Synthesis of consciousness and soul (OEYa), mind and feelings. To create harmony in itself and round itself.
7 . The correctly eat. To use sensitive abilities to determination of quality of products.
8 . To remember existence of space viruses. Not to be trustful.
9 . To learn to understand signs of God. To management the Monad.
10 . Not to perform useless work. To refuse the slave tiresome work.
11 . To raise on the lowest animal instincts. Esthetics of life and ethics of communication.
12 . To study itself: Cellular reason, body reason.


Information obtained authentic way (trans) of the letter. Channeling and explanation.

One of my reincarnations in Egypt Anhesenamon. I was the daughter of Amenhotep 4, Akhenaten. He came to me by the name of Master Amant-Din in 1990. I remember all my past life, but the expression in Egypt — especially. In Egypt I am bound by the names: Tutankhamun, Amenhotep, Nefertiti. Teacher Amant-din and my Mother Amosetva, opened to me their names. I wrote the names of the ancient Egyptian language. I also got its present name of the initiation of Amon-i-ra, which sees Ra. Another transcription Amonirtra (irtra). The Ascended Master, Amenhotep 4, the high priest of Egypt, ruler of nine dynasties, Amant-din, my father and teacher. In a past life, I was called Anhesenamon. I remember the details of his life. My father was unique personality. He was a cruel and very loving father, simultaneously. I loved him very much. This love kept in my heart ever since. When I think back and draw pictures, I did not know Egypt. Memories and images came in a dream (clairvoyance). Akhenaten loved his children. To each he gave much gold as weighed child. I weighed 42 kilograms.

Father brought me 40. He told me to take my mother rest gold. I did not take it. I did not want to go. I was getting ready for the wedding with Tutankhamun. Gold Akhenaten, was equal to the gold of the Spirit. Faith in God — the basic wealth. His gold, I was holding the statue Hathor. Many children leave valuables from her mother. Nefertiti was a beautiful woman and a mother. Her soul went to the World Mother Universe (Amonsetva). The reunion of the soul with the universal Nefertiti Mother of the World. Heavenly name Amonsetva (Amosetva). I talk to her every day. I respect the ancient Egyptian gods: Horus, Anubis, Hathor, Isis, Ra. I think that all of them — this is one God Ra. The Ascended Master Amant-din (Akhenaten) told me the story. He recently built Anhetaton. The most important construction project was an airfield. The airfield was big and round. It was divided into sectors, which are reminiscent of hand. Hands stretched from the Sun. Such an image can be seen in the frescoes. Disk of the sun in the center. Sunlight falling on the central disc at 12 o’clock. Father waited Brothers of the Fiery World. Father does not want to die. The Ascended Master Amant-din (Akhenaten) wanted to live forever. He waited with the Kindred world Ramga (Blue System), or from the planet Mantil (White system). Analogue of Orion and Sirius. Mother Nefertiti was an not Egyptian. She suffered because she was not Egyptian. I remember many details of the life Anhesenamon. I remember a past life, some things and jewelry that wore. I remember the deaths of parents and husband. The torment of a foreign land, the Hittites. I had to flee from Egypt. I promised myself another life, quiet and simple. Spiritual values are the foundation of my Monada. I thought of space for life on other planets. Integrated personality. All part of God as a whole. OEYA one consciousness. Fire union Ya.


Dialogue with Atlantida. 

I am:
-Teacher, we want to enter into your country and stay there forever. We do not want to go back to a past life. Prepared us for this transition.
He:- Half of the way, you have already passed. I will describe the full path. First, there is suffering. In suffering people grow. When a person grows up, the wisdom will show the way to a different feeling. Tired of repetition, will lead to the right path. The road will seem unpredictable. It is not logic, but the fear, despair and grief subside. First you need to «see the fear in their eyes.» Time comes flowing into our world. The body is free from pain. Off mental control. Comes the divine reality, which forms a new existence. Leave anxiety. Space becomes tight. This may surprise you. Vibration due to the growing tension, control over time will disappear. Untrained person will feel a certain coldness in the environment. Angels do not notice. Man — an angel to leave only the essence, and not engage in the interpretation of it. Trust what is happening.
My question is:
— We are interested in the space of communication standards.
— If you follow the ethics of space, first, to separate the man from the nature of the scales. We do not waste energy on education, which does not change the essence. It makes no sense to work on the evolution of the artificial. One-time lessons will not bring significant change. Error memory comes back to the man. We refused to communicate directly with people. People perceive us as themselves, and are not going to see the difference.
— Is it possible to communicate? Or humanity as a species, not more useful? Is there a universal approach to the problem?

— If you find me, the connection is alive. Is it possible to break the link thread? We have come to the point. You are on the threshold of new contacts, new understanding of the interaction of prices. You say that people do not see any of this. We also do not see them, but we close. You want to look at the «objects» of our ship. I’ll give you that opportunity. This will first complete disorientation, will change the perception of reality. You will learn to act differently. Here, the control is not needed. Will hold a multidimensional process. Eliminate indirect obstacles, then be able to solve an impossible task to accomplish the most difficult undertaking. Remove the stones from the road. See fearlessly on the rocks, and they disappear. Does not affect or persuade? The person to whom you refer, is not there. If you want to show the essence of a secret, do not cry to her: «Come out!», Just remove the stones, and the river will flow by itself. Your eyes see what others do not see. Great opportunities of creating and building. Fire here comes not from above, not from below but from the heart of the phenomenon, from Essentials Substances. So come true. The speed of this elusive, does not give the calculations and calculations. It is rooted in you. Even speaking of his impatience, stay in the truth. Do not give the experience as humans do. I see you are true. When you walk on the sand, he rustled underfoot, and you feel its density. And in the First Cause, The essence is palpable. The density of reality from which there is no return. There is a time and place. Take a sip of the secret of the vessel, as well as to find something that belonged to you in a past life. Build internal chariot. Chariot accommodate everyone must accommodate. Do not look for followers. Divine phenomenon, miraculously, the variable reality. Question:
— What is the soul?
Reply Atlanta:
— The human soul is the form of the vessel, or the shuttle. It is equal to, or do not in equal measure, the darkness and the light. During his life, interests change. Constant, is the accumulation fund of memory and experience. A man decides for himself that he is more important: a dark experience, or light. Depends on his decision, which will take the soul after death, in hell or in heaven. Can suffer in life or after death (within it). He may be comfortable in hell. Choice of the person. If we talk about values, is in first place life and prosperity. Would like to see the body and the soul live forever. Man chooses. In any case, it is wrong. Man argues his conduct, the same lust for life, but if he knows exactly what he is bad and what is good? Man did not create yourself, so it acquired information is not true. The argument of reason, do not depend. The choice is for the staff. Libra moves in one direction and then the other, and judges human person himself. Another thing — human angel. In a fiery angel soul — a crystal. Having learned the futility of life and the integrity of the movement, a man-angel holds a stable condition. His suffering of some kind. He does not make a choice in favor of darkness or light. He makes a choice in favor of stability, balance, own integrity and viability. If the fiery angel gives advice, people perceive them separately. Someone found them dark and bright one. Always will be. People have no sense organ, so they can not appreciate the advice angel. Human Angels must look human angels. They are very, very few. More luck if you can find one another. Other ties and friendships will be broken and destroyed by the instability and lack of understanding. Children fiery angels, not necessarily born with fiery angels, so I do not advise you to try. In the human body all dangerous, because bias in black and white version of life. Find another way to survive.
-What is the root cause — the matrix?
-For the highest civilization, the concept is a positive matrix.
MATRIX — the best, in terms of feasibility, a reality that is the root of all subsequent consequences and actions.