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The Awakened are people of the future, new people.

I apologize for not a professional translation of the text.

The awakened are people of the future, new people.

The awakened are people of the future, new people. The information is obtained by authentic methods (trans). Direction and explanation. The awakened receives dictations — messages of the Highest Reason, from the higher civilizations of the cosmos. I am in contact with the Ascended Masters, through clarity and clairvoyance. I receive a message from 4 Systems, galactic civilizations. The higher mind speaks of the birth of a new race of people — the Awakened. People who have a cosmic gene, extrasensory abilities, are called Awakened. Second name: Crowns are the tops of the trees of the kingdom of God. I have contact with a higher civilization and the Ascended Masters. I — Awake see the future. There are still others like me. I feel the essence of objects and phenomena and see the world in all its hidden aspects. The Awakened have a cosmic gene. The Soul, the Monad is the bearer of the cosmogen, the gene for the angel. The Crowns, the Awakened, must remember the ultimate task of the soul. The program helps to awaken the soul. The Awakened has a difficult life, but God loves and helps him. The knowledge of the Awakened is different from the values ​​of people. We love freedom and justice. Ethics in the Brotherhood of Light are important. The awakened (the crowns) live in accordance with the laws of the universe. My mind works on Agni’s Golden Section. I follow the principles: non-violence, harmony and unity. The awakened retain the purity of mind and soul. They — declare a new world. The higher civilization revealed the secrets of its technologies. I teach the teachings of the «Fire Path». The celestial Master Amant-din awakened the sleeping soul. Teacher Amant-Din said: «The Awakened is the man of the future, the 7th race.» Possible analogy with God Krone (Chronos). Teacher Amanddin and his teaching «The Fiery Path» became a turning point in my creation. Love and brotherhood are the basis of philosophy. Awakened is not much. I communicate with the world of high civilization. I can fly to other planets, and I am a carrier of cosmic knowledge. Philosophy of the Awakened, — the transformation of consciousness and matter, the evolution of the species. I receive messages from space. A lot of information. For the average person this stress load on the brain. I show the world on the other side. I own a scanning system on a quantum level. Technique: Light-crystallization, light-optimized, light-conductor. Consciousness of the Crown, the Awakened is a pure crystal, without impregnations. It means: telling the truth, not having a double mind. A holistic consciousness of the OYA (the fire of the union of I). I’m talking about the secrets of life on other planets.