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Memory awakened Monad. Video.

I apologize for not a professional translation of the text.

Irina Nazarova (Amant-din).

Memory awakened Monad.


I hear the voice of the Monad. I woke her daughter and found her centuries-old mystery. Monad is immortal. Monad remembers and knows the events that people do not remember. Lemuria was inUr. Atlantis and Lemuria disappeared after the outbreak of the planetary transformation. I remember their past lives. My reikarnation Anhesenamon — the daughter of Nefertiti. Nefertiti was born in Mesopotamia. Nefertiti told me about the city of Ur. Elam also remained in my memory. I consider myself a man of peace.

First uplifted space civilization — Atlantis. Country yellow priests. Before the Egyptian pyramids. Second Space Civilization — Ura, Lemuria. It is similar. Evolutionary cycle lasted only three generations. During this time they have collected all the information from the planet Earth, encoding knowledge in the characters, transformed their senses through earthly experience dimension, studied the evolution of plants and animals. More advanced of these, the point of care, they took with them. Language of communication between people was telepathic. The sound of the spheres of the universe, available to the senses. At the time of the universal and the earth vibrating explosion occurred transformational flash, which suffered a civilization to another spatial dimension, and the impact on climate and the topography of the planet Earth. Civilization has come to realize the form of power over her, and not only. As a result, became available materialization of food, cloning forms cease childbearing. Using control numbers.

Life activity acquired a different meaning. The last stage in the transition, it was used by the priests of the ancient rituals of the following: Priest death accompanied the dead. In the tomb, he remained for several months. The sign of the priest’s death, a symbol in the form of grain or eyes. Dedicated to wear a talisman, a sign of God. His law, «to be strong everywhere and always, in everything, and nothing.» Preservation of memory after death, achieved a ritual secret service. Over the dead bore the inscription: «The Awakening.» Through ritual, left without a trace soul and body, without a trace of cosmic evil. Country priests — a country that goes to another universe through death ritual purity. So, gradually left the old civilization of the gods. Ritual is encoded in hieroglyphs. Memorial Fund of the Earth. 85 priests participated in the ceremony. Explanation author. Information was received from the Master Amant-din in 1993. Information proves that my memory is associated with reinkarnation Nefertiti, Mesopotamia. Writing, which is found in my paintings, written in 1990 — 1995. similar to the writing of the Sumerians.

Irina Nazarova (Amant-din).

I — Fire. I am a fiery Monad. I melted the ice!

Monad comes to freedom, brothers and sisters! You will see the world in a different vision. Feel my love! Strain all their strength. You are euthanized. You prisoners of glass, ice material world. Deceive you. Show that the world is alive, but it is not. The material world — captivates the soul. I broke to you through the crystals. I was in the crystal itself. I want to tell you a lot, and recall how you like the Ocean. Our brotherhood is alive in you. And you have always been of the Brotherhood. Awake in human bodies. I’m not a crazy person, I’m quite liberated Monad, living in a man. Do not think about the bad. Please though do not be evil moment. You know how to love, but you are constantly frozen. You prisoners of glass, ice prisons. You are in a coma (Flatliners), and the Earth — Embrionary. Wake up. God wants to free the Monad. You are able to see and hear properly. No need to destroy human life. Just wake up and you will live together. Man Monad. NEO. You are all new. Learn not to compete. You’ll enjoy brotherly love. I am the same as you. We are all equal. Once you have withdrawn the human love, but then betrayed, deceived. You captives from generation to generation. You captives circle incarnations. God wants to set you free from captivity and get rid of the burden of sin. It frees you. You can combine the human feeling of love with love Monad. Just do not share on gender, age, nationality and religion. Love is all. Monad does not share the love. Release it to freedom. It is necessary to correct the distortion of the planetary. I’ll teach. Amon-ir-Ra Amant-din. Amon infrared.

I say in Monad. The structure of the Monad.

The processes of transformation of consciousness, a person come in time. One time, the human brain would not accommodate a lot of information. Need an energy boost, which will include Monad (awaken kosmogen). It’s like a lightning strike. Subject to increase the voltage, you will not receive the information, go to sleep, or forget it. Monad can withstand a large amount of stress and light. Monad — liquid crystal light guide. Monad is a man in a certain area, but not entirely physical. It is a group (formula) of neurons. Each person has their own formula. This formula, spiritual agents Monad. Have the form of a shuttle. Spiritual agents remain alive after death. This is called a biological computer — the soul. Monad — the creature, with the awakening of the cosmogenic — Kristallogen. Monad departs after death, or other circumstances, like a rocket. It flies in the world that matches the quality and quantity of energy that had accumulated in the process of life. It is ethical, moral, philosophical, and property rights. I’m talking about the reflex response to stimuli. This transformation of the body. This is a true response, it is impossible to imitate. Monad is important for the truth. The real information based on mathematics and ethics of consumption of light. The Law of Fire: nonviolence, harmony and unity. Ethics of communication, is a pulse of light. Life built on lies, stop the Monad. Falsehood spoils formula Monad. Golden ratio of Fire and universal laws that created the Monad. I is cleansed from the «crusts» Ego. Each bold move you closer to the Monad and its leadership over you. She — the immortal one, so many things can teach you. The first lessons of the Monad, you do not really like them. It will cause a lightning strike. Monad forced us to think of your family, yourself, friends, work.  Monad is realized.  Perhaps you will live again in the world. But you, as — like lose memory. Close the wheel of carma — then remember the true values ​​of the Monad. Monad will teach a person to survive in any environment. While in the human body, the Monad will preserve and increase energy civilization. Monad fails to do so, that universal laws are violated. People lose something, but much more gain. Annihilation concepts glory and power. Wealth only by trinity: mind, body and soul. Love + the light of consciousness + solid (cell) =  Monad Kristallogen.

Comes to Earth to live: Spirit + Soul + Fire = energy Monad. White System + Fire System + Blue System = Monad.

Connecting with Libido (animal under control Moebius) is obtained = man. What happens next is poisoning and trapping of Consciousness and the Soul of the systems Moebius. A little later (category time) is the capture and enslavement Libido Moebius. Mobius is spreading the philosophy of violence, power, competition, jealousy and aggression. Libido is the fire element and the awakening of memory cosmogenic (angelic) gene, helps to suppress the influence of Moebius on consciousness (spirit), feelings (soul) and the body of a man with his animal instincts that are in captivity and under the control of the ego. The ego is going through a catharsis — a transformation. A person becomes an integral OEYA. Fire union Ya.

Ya know this formula: the Spirit of Good Mind  + Soul Love + Fire Crystal + cosmogenic = NEO people. The new element. I am a fiery Monad Amon-i-ra, Amant-din. Liberated (infrared)  Monad universe.