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Three steps to liberate the soul. Видео.

  • Freedom from oppressive addiction.
  • Find a place for creative self-realization.
  • Find love, a friend, a person who understands you.

Getting rid of dependence on three categories:

  1. Release of the soul. If a person lives with the unloved person, or unloved, his soul is suffering from violence. We must have the courage to leave. Relatives also may adversely affect the soul, to create a precedent suppression of the individual. Negatively affect the soul — it means to provoke a depression and inner emotional suffering. Some people suffer a situation of violence, because financially dependent on his tormentor. Do not be afraid to lose the material benefits. Soul will reimburse, when freed from captivity. This advice is tested life!
  2. The release of the spirit. Some people suffer from psychological pressure from the dictatorship of the family rules of responsibility for someone else’s life. In order to free spirit, you do not need to take responsibility for someone else’s life, other human health, and the realization of foreign interests. You do not need to receive an education, which is not pleasant. Get rid of the hated work. You can combine unloved work with things you love, or hobby, that the spirit had an outlet. In another case, a man will live in fear and anxiety. The spirit must be strong and courageous in their aspirations and to find salvation and happiness. Realization of spiritual strength depends on the level of self-liberation.
  3. The release of the body. The first sign of unfreedom is exhausting physical labor. Man is born with the soul and spirit. The man has a mind, and certain physical features that should be based on psycho-spiritual experience. Man is not an animal, therefore, is to create for itself the most comfortable conditions of life, especially in the 21st century. The body — is the seat of the soul and spirit. It the results of self-management, shows the level of relief from the disease. Pain and disease — the result of the violence experienced on the physical body (bad childhood, or karma — the error of past lives). Bad genes — a generic program of karma, is inherited. But even bad genes, you can «clean up» the negative markers. A person can work out the karma, if you build your life according to the program of non-violence, and harmonious existence of the physical body, in union with the spiritual power and soul — love. The human body requires some care: hygiene, healthy food is not excessive — «You is, to live, but not live to eat».» It is necessary to pay attention to sleep. Individual approach to physical stress. The level of aesthetics and ethics, energy consumption is balanced: entertainment, food, leisure, sex, exercise, training, — match the maturity of the Soul, and the experience of the Soul. The more experienced the soul (Monad), the better it runs the body, use it wisely. When a person is available for three of these areas, then it is, in fact, form a whole person. Personality liberated and confident. Man is properly and quickly take vital decisions will be lucky and wise. His hidden internal mechanisms work as excess capacity and help to adopt it in any public environment. Anyone who is not able to win, to survive, to tell the truth, that bad tactics. Dark Mind teaches people bad. Dark mind conflicts, arranges the war on the territory of its nano universe outside yourself. What brains, if they do not give the most important thing — do not feed the body !? Why talk about spiritual matters, if they do not give the most important thing: the prosperity and development of your life? However, no animal survives, and not haphazardly. Today survival of Homo sapiens — Homo sapiens, professing Good Reason. Anyone who expects that he will be served a «piece of cake», he does not learn to take risks and win. Someone to sit in the shade: the wife or husband. As a rule, such a relationship and marriage is bogus. False unity does not help, if the marriage is not based on love. The foundation unreliable. Created monogamous, angelic pair. Find in the universe, or beg from God. one mind projects are worth little if they are not backed by the soul, love. True knowledge + love + survival (totem) and skills to feed themselves — that divine spiritual attitude.

Author Irina Nazarova (Amant – din)